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Ariz Plane Crash video, Cheerleader media tastes its own mobocrats, Fatah Hamas bonhomie

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Arizona Plane crash webcam capture, French reporter allegedly molested-sexually assaulted at Tahrir Square by Protesters they cheered till now

Raw Video: Web Cam Captures Ariz. Plane Crash

From: AssociatedPress | Nov 24, 2011 | 8,920 views

A small airplane slammed into a sheer cliff in the mile-high mountains east of Phoenix and exploded, killing the six people onboard (Nov. 24)

Published on Nov 24, 2011 by Euronews

Two female journalists have been describing how they were sexually abused while attempting to cover the protests in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

French TV reporter Caroline Sinz told how she and her cameraman were set upon by a mob:

“We were hit, and then separated. Very few women, especially foreign, are in Tahrir Square. I was grabbed by several men and I suffered a sexual assault in front of everyone in full daylight. Other women journalists were physically attacked. It is a way to intimidate the press.”

Aronite Thinking-

Till tough guy Mubarak was around they were courting them like little princesses.

Both at Libya and Egypt the way they glorified mobs under Brotherhood control and Al Qaeda possibly, was amazing.

Cheered up- heroes! but now they want us to know they are street gangs?

Intimidation? Or is it more a fact they dont need anymore ‘useful idiots’-

Not Lenin, not Khomeni. Not Tahrir Brotherhood mobsters save a quickie Arab style. Sorry it was open show.

Thanks we got some more Islamist Revolutions.

The ‘New Page’ is an interlude of Old Page of Leon Uris- “…and all against the Jew”; mediated by Turkish Islamists and Syria so the Bros in arms will be handy to bash Israel as Iran reaches the brink –Aron

Palestinian factions aim to end rivalry

Euronews | Nov 24, 2011 | 111 views

Hamas and Fatah, the main rival Palestinian factions, said on Thursday that they have made significant progress on power-sharing.

But there was no major breakthrough in Cairo after the first meeting in six months between the two groups.

“We’ve turned a new page. There was a great deal of understanding and enthusiam for working together and we were serious about implementing, not only reconciliation but everything needed to put the Palestinian house in order,” Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal said

Imminent Iranian Nuclear threat- Israel conducts Exercises tests missile

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Israel conducted nation wide Civilian defense and nuclear safety drills in the wake of Imminent Iranian Nuclearisation

The imminent announcement by International Atomic Agency regarding Iran and possibly in affirmation of its acquiring Nuclear capability this week has put Israel on high alert.

Civilian evacuation and mobilisation capabilities in any such eventuality regarding the Nuclear turned Iranian with self avowed hostility regarding the existence of Israel itself is therefore natural.

Iran has repeatedly vowed to wipe out Israel off the face of the earth and given its recklessness as in the recent Assassination plot against Saudi Ambassador at the U.S- Israel cannot do otherwise than be ready for all eventualities and send a message that it’s capable of facing up.

Turkey and Lebanon’s Hezbollah too are bearing down on Israel with hostile intent.

Hizbollah has leaked its intentions to fire some 20,000 Rockets and awe the Israelis and occupy Gallilee in a soon to come War with Israel.

The lop sided Activists of ‘Peace’ as usual tell the usual lies that Gaza is under some blockade that denies Medicines and essential goods-
which never were denied them.

The Flotilla is the flotilla of ‘useful idiots’ who would help Hamas break the cordon of Israel to check the ship loads of Heavy arms and Rockets through sea from Iran.

They are the Chartered Naval Flotillas to the aid of Hamas Navy and not peace.

Islamist premier of Turkey and the Islamist upsurge at post-Mubarak Egypt are restive for a showdown with Israel that would galvanise the Pan Islamist movement.

The Peaceniks are also invariably without fail silent on Ceaseless Rocket attacks on Israeli civilian populations from Gaza and demonise selectively the Israeli measures defensive to such hostile actions.

Hamas charter gets UNESCO seat-US cuts Funds,

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Hamas Charter emphatically calls for Obliteration of Isreal from world map and Unesco tells us accomodating this intact is Peace!

Aronite Thinking

What is overlooked is the fact that Palestine remains under grip of Militias and Hamas retains its Charter declaration –vowing to wipe out Israel from the map of the world-hardly a peaceful program. Hamas runs the territories from where Rocket attacks and Terror strikes occur regularly on Israeli civilians and towns. Hamas regime also couldn’t stop ethnic cleansing of Jews and Christian minorities from its areas.

EU and Nato also turns a blind eye to ride of Islamist ideologies and groups linked to al Qaeda like at Libyan Uprising, Tunisia and Egypt. France could be sowing seeds for its own nemesis soon when Islamist groups start acting along Extremist lines.

EU and US support has practically given on a platter to Iran Iraq and the doorway to a future Jihad against Israel that gets surrounded by a surge of Islamist groups with Turkish and Egyptian help.

The damage to the fragile and ill kept balance will come home to roost- all in the name of Peace and Human rights, to both of which EU has remained a mute spectator –violations against Blacks and berbers at Libya, Copts at Egypt- both getting displaced and Ethnically cleansed, persecuted by periodic violence and terrorised as minorities.

EU also didn’t bat an eyelid in this ‘support to Liberty’ that ended up seconding Jhemil’s declaration of Islamic Sharia as the basis of Post Gaddafi Libya.

Published on Nov 1, 2011 by Euronews Palestinians have welcomed the granting of full membership of UNESCO but the US has immediately decided to cancel its funding of the cultural agency.

A US law forbids it funding any UN body that admits the Palestinians before an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal is reached.

Palestinian political analyst George Giacaman said: “UNESCO membership may be a moral victory for the Palestinians but there is no political advantage. It may put Palestine on the world map but it also creates a split between Europe and the United States.”

UNESCO gives Palestinians full membership

From: Euronews | Oct 31, 2011 | 301 views The UN’s cultural agency UNESCO has given the Palestinians full membership, boosting their bid for state recognition at the United Nations.

Of 173 countries voting, 107 backed the move.

Russia, China, and France were among those voting in favour.

But Israel voted ‘no’ and said the result would harm prospects for resuming Middle East peace talks. The US, which provides 22 per cent of UNESCO’s funding, also voted against

The clumsy NATO operations and the orphaned ethnic minorities

Pressure on EU to resettle Libyan refugees

From: Euronews | Oct 31, 2011 | 77 views NGOs working with Libyan refugees are calling for more solidarity from European Union states.

They say only a handful of countries have agreed to resettle 148 people who fled the conflict in Libya.

Euronews visited the Shusha refugee camp along the Tunisia-Libya border, where about 3,700 people are still sheltering.

Protest Wave video Report 2 – Rome Riots, Yemeni shootings, Israeli Right protests Swap of “killers of 600 Jews” for 1 IDF soldier

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Video Report 2 - Rome, Saana and Tel Aviv. Left, Right and Centre hit streets world wide

Raw Video: Protest Turns Deadly in Yemen

From: AssociatedPress | Oct 15, 2011 | 585 views

Forces loyal to embattled President Ali Abdullah Saleh opened fire on tens of thousands of protesters in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, killing at least nine and wounding scores, according to medical officials and witnesses. (Oct. 15

Rioters Hijack Rome Protests

From: AssociatedPress | Oct 15, 2011 | 1,704 views

Italian riot police fired tear gas and water cannons Saturday in Rome as violent protesters hijacked a peaceful demonstration against corporate greed, smashing bank windows, torching cars and hurling bottles. (Oct. 15)

Right wing Protest at Israel against Prisoner Swap

Published on Oct 16, 2011 by Euronews

Israel and Hamas have published a list of the first group of 477 Palestinian prisoners due to be freed on Tuesday in exchange for the freedom of the kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

Shimon Peres has been handed the files of prisoners whose release he still needs to approve.

Last night dozens of Israelis demonstrated outside the president’s residence to protest against the deal which will eventually see 1,027 Palestinians freed.

Al Qaeda calls on Libyans & Algerians, Iranian Plot to kill Saudi Ambassador, Underwear Bomber a Cool Operator

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Al Qaeda calls upon Libyans and Algerians to install an Islamist regime and join its global Jihad. Elsewhere Israel bartered 1000 Palestinian prisoners to secure release of an IDF soldier held by Hamas- that shames Indian Government that left to rot hundreds of its POWs in Pakistani prisons after 1971 war.

Published on Oct 12, 2011 by AssociatedPress

Al-Qaida’s new leader Ayman Al-Zawahri is calling on Libyan fighters who overthrew Moammar Gadhafi to set up an Islamic state and urges Algerians to revolt against their longtime leader in remarks in a new Internet video. (Oct. 12)

Iran Tied to Plot to Assassinate Saudi Diplomat

From: AssociatedPress | Oct 11, 2011 | 302 views
The Obama administration accused Iranian government agents Tuesday of plotting to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in a bomb attack in the United States. (Oct. 11)

Feds: Airline Attack Suspect Sought Martyrdom

From: AssociatedPress | Oct 11, 2011 | 400 views

A Nigerian on a terrorist mission for al-Qaida prayed, washed and put on perfume moments before trying to detonate a bomb in his underwear to bring down a jetliner on Christmas 2009, a prosecutor told jurors as the man’s trial opened Tuesday. (Oct. 11

Containers Falling From Ship Grounded Off NZ

From: AssociatedPress | Oct 12, 2011 | 42 views

Containers have been falling off a ship grounded off the coast of New Zealand, and officials warn the Rena is in danger of breaking apart. The captain was in court to face a criminal charge, his 2nd officer is set to appear Thursday. (Oct. 12)

Aronite Thinking

Israel to release 1000 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for single IDF soldier in the hands of the Hamas !

Just contrast this with Indian Government left to rot hundreds of Indian army men caught inside Pakistan in 1971 war who perished by torture and cruel conditions.

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