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Christian Run Schools In India With A Hidden Agenda ?

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Since Independence Christian Run Schools have been praised for providing a very high standard of education in India.But in recent years there have been reports where hindu students have been banned from wearing tilaks or any other hindu symbols outwardly like aum pendants or red strings around the wrist especially on Hindu religious days.They are also encouraged to take part in singing christian hymns and celebrate Christmas and other christian festivals but not Hindu. Is there a hidden agenda to convert ? Dr Koenraad Elst explains.

Channel 4 fell for LTTE propoganda? Lankan Documentary exposes holes

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Lankan Documentary Counters Channel 4 'War Crimes' scoop

We had published Channel 4 at Hindu World Vision.

We then used strongest words of condemnation though after putting LTTE’s despicable Violations so it not end up giving new lease to LTTE.

It was deeply distressing.

I was checking Population census shown at recent Ch4 Video “Fresh evidence” while I stumbled upon this Video.

I did the check because I became sceptic regarding some seeming facts that could not be ascertained.

The Census discrepancy shown I remembered was already trumpeted by a Christian Missionary whom I know as a Liar and propogandist- a Liberation theologist.

That was when I chanced this Video after checking how many did leave and how many survive?

We would be most relieved if what is shown in this video turns out to be the real truth.

Because I know from experience that the whole civil war was started with feeding on Outrage for July 1983 riots.

Is the LTTE Remnants magnifying or even inventing ‘War Crimes’ to resurrect itself?

Worse still- is the LTTE attempting to drop roots here in India?

Though its possible detractors could say all witnesses arraigned were under pressure in this Video – this Documentary too I feel obliged to Post – since both sides needs to be heard fully.

Obama Greets on Diwali explaining its spiritual significance

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Obama touched millions of Hindus, Sikhs,Jains and Bhuddhist with his stirring explanation of significance of this Festival of Light

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President Obama greets the Hindu community on the auspicious occassion of Diwali

Subramaniam Swamy’s Speech at Bangalore- On India and Corruption

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Subramaniam Swamy on India and Corruption at Bangalore

The visiting Harvard Professor of Economics and iconic Politcian spoke at Youth against Corruption meet in Bangalore.

Dr Swamy dealt with Corruption and its deleiterous effects on Indian economy and culture besides other issues facing India.

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[ video] Dr. Swamy talking about corruption in a programme organised by Youth Against Corruption, Karnataka in Bangalore

Dalai Lama Chinese Commies “Liars and Hypocrites”, Civilian Casualties in Libya, Attack on Copt Christians

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Dalai Lama addressed South Africans via Video Conferencing as Desmond Tutu joined hands against the Oppression against Tibet by Communist regime. If China fails to start its own Reform regarding Tibet policy, Church would ally with tibetan cause and sow seeds of more widespread Democratic protest. It is imperative China befriends the Lama and kickstart internal Reforms if it really wants to avoid a Chinese Uprising which it should surely loose.

When Desmond Tutu posed- ‘ Why does the Chinese Government fear you ? the crowd applauded him and broke into chuckles when Dalai Lama feigned the Devil with 2 horns.
Dalai Lama carried the crowd with a beaming Tutu expressing solidarity with Tibet’s struggle against Communist Oppression and Apartheid.

Uploaded by AlJazeeraEnglish on Oct 8, 2011
The Dalai Lama has slammed censorship in China as “immoral”, following accusations that the Chinese government blocked him from traveling to South Africa to celebrate Desmond Tutu’s 80th birthday.

The Tibetan spiritual leader spoke with Tutu on Saturday, answering questions via a video link, instead of attending an event to honour the South African anti-apartheid activist a day after his birthday.

His absence was symbolized by an empty chair at the event at the University of the Western Cape where he was meant to deliver an inaugural peace lecture.

Al Jazeera’s Gerald Tan reports.

Sirte falls

Deadly clashes over Coptic protest in Cairo
From: AlJazeeraEnglish | Oct 9, 2011 | 382 views
People were killed and scores more injured in clashes in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, after thousands took to the streets protesting against an attack on a Coptic Christian church.

The march started peacefully, until scuffles broke out between protesters and the military police.

Casualties were sustained on both sides, with dozens of people also getting arrested.

The violence is the worst since the 18-day uprising that ousted President Hosni Mubarak in February.

Al Jazeera’s Rawya Rageh reports from Cairo.

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