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Mars probe, Syrian Crisis, New Zealand returns Centre Right PM with landslide victory

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Destination Mars- Probe will look for past or present life forms and traces of bio-molecules. Information that could pave the way for martian colonies in future

NASA to launch new Mars rover

AlJazeeraEnglish | Nov 26, 2011 | 566 views

NASA will launch its latest Mars rover, Curiosity, on Saturday.

It is the agency’s most ambitious mission yet to discover if life ever existed on the red planet.

The Rover lands next August and will spend two years studying the planet.

Al Jazeera’s Tom Ackerman has more.

Syria under pressure as Arab deadline expires

Euronews | Nov 25, 2011 | 448 views

As its crackdown on protesters continues, Syria has until the end of the day to sign an Arab deal letting monitors into the country or it could incur sanctions.

The Arab League deadline has officially expired but a source said the door would be left open to Damascus for a few extra hours.

The day after dozens were reported killed, amid an overall death toll of 3,500 according to the UN, the latest amateur footage appears to show no let-up in the onslaught

New Zealand government eyes landslide as polls close

Euronews | Nov 26, 2011 | 99 views

New Zealand’s prime minister looks to be heading back into government with a landslide win after voting closed in the country’s general election.

Exit polls are not allowed but John Key’s centre-right National Party could get an historic outright majority if surveys before the ballot are mirrored in the vote.

All of which bodes badly for Labour leader Phil Goff, hopeful to the last that his party would stage a late recovery.

Russian Mars Moon Probe off track – frantic attempts for Space craft to Recover Orbit

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Russian Martian moon probe veered off course after launch. Frantic efforts are on way to bring the craft to its mission orbit using its thruster Rockets

Russia’s Mars craft off course

From: AlJazeeraEnglish | Nov 9, 2011 | 290 views

A Russian spacecraft bound for one of Mars’ moons has gone off course after reaching Earth orbit, the Russian space agency has said.

The unmanned Phobos-Grunt probe was launched successfully on board a Zenit-II rocket, but two engines failed to fire once it reached orbit, resulting in the craft going off course.

Russian authorities say they remain in contact with the craft and have three days to return it to its course before its batteries run out.

Al Jazeera’s Neave Barker reports from Moscow, the Russian capital.

Russian Mars moon probe hits problems

From: Euronews | Nov 8, 2011 | 97 views

The future of a Russian interplanetary probe is in doubt after developing problems soon after launch. The mission – set for a Martian moon – managed to make a stable earth orbit but then failed to break away to begin its three year journey to the Red planet. Engineers have three days to make repairs

euronews science / Algae, friend or foe?

From: Euronews | Nov 8, 2011 | 84 views

Is it the fuel of the future or an expensive annoyance? Scientists are having a field day extolling the many wonders of seaweed while others are making waves combating algae’s cloggy side effects in Australian lakes. One thing is for sure, there is a lot more to this sticky green scum than first meets the eye

Volcanic eruption at Congo, Stampede tragedy at Ganges, China’s Military Build up

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Volcanic eruption in Eastern Congo has been spewing lava and smoke since weeks

Published on Nov 8, 2011 by AssociatedPress

Africa’s most active volcano has sent a spectacular display of lava and bright orange smoke and ash into the night sky in Virunga National Park, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. (Nov. 8)
Volcano Continues to Erupt in Eastern Congo by NTDTV

Published on Nov 8, 2011 by AssociatedPress

A stampede killed 16 Hindu pilgrims and injured about 50 during a religious ceremony on Tuesday on the banks of the Ganges River in northern India, an official said. NOTE: Graphic content. (Nov. 8)

Guatemala moves to the right with a new leader

From: Euronews | Nov 6, 2011 | 209 views

The central American nation of Guatemala has elected a new president. He is a retired right-wing general called Otto Perez and he will be the first military man to take power since democracy was restored in 1986.

Perez has promised a crackdown on violent crime and to protect the country from Mexican drug cartels

China’s growing military might

From: AlJazeeraEnglish | Nov 7, 2011 | 1,873 views

China’s growing military capability has been a growing concern among Asian countries in recent years.

The issue is expected to be one of the key points on the agenda of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting in Hawaii this week.

Al Jazeera’s Melissa Chan reports from Beijing, the Chinese capital.

China’s first Space Dock, New Zealand Oil spiller Rena Capsizing, Airships back

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Tiangong Docks with Space Station Heavanly palace

Published on Nov 3, 2011 by Euronews China has successfully carried out its first docking exercise between two unmanned spacecraft.The Shenzhou-8 joined the Tiangong-1space lab module 350 kilometres above Earth. The manoeuvre was carried live on Chinese television.

From: Euronews | Nov 2, 2011 | 93 views Salvage teams off New Zealand are preparing for the worst amid fears a cargo ship grounded on a reef for nearly a month could break up in bad weather, leaking more of its load of oil.

The Liberian-flagged Rena has already spilled around 350 tonnes of thick, toxic fuel and dozens of containers into the sea.

euronews hi-tech / Portuguese researchers resurrect the airship

From: Euronews | Nov 2, 2011 | 153 views The airship was one of mankind’s first flying machines. Its so-called Golden Age began in 1900 but was abruptly brought to an end in 1937 when the giant Hindenberg burst into flames and crashed, killing 36 people.

In Portugal, researchers are resurrecting the airship, working on a new design that could be used to transport cargo or people

Colonisation of Space by Hindu Jewish Civilisations – Existential Imperative

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Hindu and Jewish civilisations enter the third millenium that would let them survive it only if they made the right choices- They must at once embark on Colonising the Space together and Militarise to defend and secure Homelands below on earth.



Both India and Israel faces an Existential threat they may or may not surmount by the close of this century or two at most.
But like Drones that defeated the Al Qaeda, since apocalyptical death cults couldn’t anticipate the advent of the scientific minds, this Space leap might hold the key.
A friend asked- are we …not abandoning the good fight and the Holy Lands dear to our two civilisations?
Perhaps not. On the contrary that might be the key to obtain Nuclear missile attack immunity- with a safety valve.
Yes- we do retreat by escaping to Space. But that also confers a Infinite Strategic Depth.
True, Islamists might over run homelands.
But you completely take their Objectives out of Equation when you colonise and disperse in Infinite Outer Space.
There are news that are only recently confirmed by Hubble and Kepler telescopes that New earth like Planets teem out there even within a radius of just 20 Light years! Thats even with present technological capacity is possible to be colonised within a century or two. When you colonise Space you simply become Immortal. Stay here- chances are 50-50 that u might become roasted in Jihadi cappuccino cofee. We might become Iranian and Pak Nuke toast. So which offers the better alternative? Hindus must stop being a Billion people centred on India alone and must spread out. Both Israel and India might run risk of getting nuked out some day. If that happens you simply become an extinct species with few Diaspora that will eventually disappear. I have thought deeply and this is The Solution. Colonising Space also makes u Space War capable- neutralises Pak or Islamic Nuke missile threat. This is what Jews and hindus must work to accelerate. The Space Star Wars superiority will ensure both Homelands safety and Future for these tow besieged entities. Space must be conquered. That will compensate our missing the Industrial Revolution and lack of Colonies that once we did have at Far East Asia. This time we have an edge. Space Colonisation will also propel India right into League of most Advanced economies. So this imperative- before demographic dividend wears out that we Hindus and with Israeli technology and pooled resources spread out as Pioneer colonisers of Space. Isavasopanishad says this on this matter- ‘All this, Vastness know the Lord Himself spread out and know my dear is for Inhabitation”.

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