Coptic Christians mourn dead- the tragedy of being Christians in Islamist Egypt

HWV update 12.3.2011

Such “Christmas greetings” by Egyptian Islamists have become a tradition of gifting body bags in bombings and car drive by shootings at Christian congregations.

Coptic Christians face fear and uncertainty


The Copts are the earliest Christian sects in history.

They have a history that is quite unlike the mainstream Christianty, in that they were indeed viewed as heretics and persecuted by Christians themselves.

Today their plight in the Middle East is reflective of all other such minorities in such increasingly Islamized societies and nations.

A mass exodus of biblical proportions was witnessed in Iraq, where Mosul a one time Copt majority town is now almost denuded of their populace.

It is the turn of Egypt now.

Despite show of unity during the anti-Mubarak uprisings, Coptic Christians are once again under attack.

Being of Mystic tradition, their leaders are hard pressed restraining their youth’s anger at continuing assaults by Islamists.

This was how Egyptians greeted their brethren on New Year eve.

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