Japan Nuclear Emergency Live Streaming

Quake, Shock Wave, Nuke Shake and finally Shiver and Shake

Al Jazeera Late night alerts Aroniethinking that a snow blizard as if the misery already piled isnt enough has the Japs down with shiver.

Hindu world vision provides Live Streaming at our HWV newsroom to share our experience of being on the spot, around the world.

Live Streams from different Sites with an English commentary, and English service.

Fox News Live since 16.00 hrs.

We watched today for the first time in our lives an earthquake as it happened broadcast live, as it happened at Tokyo’s suburbs.

Live streaming video by Ustream

Live Videos by Ustream

Yokoso is Live broadcasting now the latest happenings, to our HWV Newsroom.

“let me check what I can get for you…” says YokosoNews Room to Hindu World Vision.


Total views: 44,316 YokosoNews is an online social media about travel, lifestyle, study and entertainment in Japan.

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Watch, read and just dont panic.

Coming in at our HWV Newsroom is a Live recording from Tokyo.

Here is how Tokyo looks as of now at 23:15.00 hrs GMT

You can have a Video chat with Yokoso if he is available.

Japan on the brink-3 Reactors melt down, Fakishuma 2 Container breached-Radiactive Fallout spread beyond Japan

Japan on the brink
“We are on the brink. We are now facing the worst-case scenario,”
The New York times alert quotes Mr.Hiroaki Koide the Reactor engineer at Kyoto.
He explains-
. “We can assume that the containment vessel at Reactor No. 2 is already breached. If there is heavy melting inside the reactor, large amounts of radiation will most definitely be released.”

Meanwhile radioactivity levels had spiked sharply following yesterday’s blow up of Reactor 2.

Korea in danger
Winds carrying the fallout clouds seaward is the big bet that could fail.
In which horrific event the radioctice cloud would drift inexorably either Northward across Japan mainland or Korea, precipitating a global environmental catastrophe.

Beats Hollywood disaster movies

What is not realised is the fact that of the all the crew on site 800 have been withdrawn and the site is almost abandoned to run inexorably to its foredoomed fate of a multiple Reactor Cluster meltdown 50 heroic workers are staying behind, and fighting the infernal fires that rage at the site.
In a scen straight out of even trhe best ever filmed Hollywood Script, these real life heroes are right inside a zone that already has 1000 times the levels of safe limit of Radiocativity.
Like knights in shining and burning armour, these Samurais are combating with Fire fighting hoses spraying on the Dragon seawater.

Keep with us as we have installed a Live stream from inside Japan at our Hindu World Newsroom.

To give you an idea of what is unfolding NYT summarises the fact sheet-
The two critical questions over the next day or so are how much radioactive material is spewed into the atmosphere, and where the winds carry it. Readings reported on Tuesday showed a spike of radioactivity around the plant that made the leakage categorically worse than in had been, with radiation levels measured at one point as high as 400 millisieverts an hour. Even 7 minutes of exposure at that level will reach the maximum annual dose that a worker at an American nuclear plant is allowed. And exposure for 75 minutes would likely lead to acute radiation sickness.

Late night update- Hindu world vision Newsroom

800 crew manning the Fakushima Reactor had left leaving the site to its fate.

But some 50 samurai spirited fire fighters are still staying behind fighting the Dragon, with fire hoses spraying sea water.

They fully know Radiation limits have breached over 1000 times safety limits long ago, and that the Reactor is inexorably going for a core meltdown.

Time and again, we ordinary people are left speechless at the spectacle of such bravery.

Consider this- a 7 minute exposure at the site will deliver the same dose of a year’s exposure above limits.

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