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Live video-Hindraf Kulalampur rally- Uday Kumar’s address

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Suppression of hindu Minorities- Islamisation of Malaysia has lead to increasing violation of Human rights and the abuse of Hindu minorities

Uday Kumar addresses from House arrest the Hindraf demonstrators at Kula Lampur Petronas meet

Gaddafi stadium- Pakistan reluctant to disown its collaboration with the Butcher of Libyans

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Pakistan's legacy of Collboration with the Butcher of Libyans

Gaddafi stadium- Pakistan reluctant to disown its collaboration with the Butcher of Libyans

Freedom lovers in Pakistan have cried out for effacing Gaddafi’s name at their showcase cricket filed at Lahore, yet the Pakistani regime that is Islamist and itslef an abuser of human rights is fidning it difficult even after Israelis and Hindus have voiced their disgust at Kaddafi regime and want him taken out and cast into dustbin of history.
This sure to estrange the free Libyan nation and its bleeding people that Pakistan stood by the adoration of a war criminal and took its own time and shame to do it?
That is after it sees clearly that Kaddafi is a lost bet?

Originally Lahore Stadium, the facility was renamed in 1974 in honour of Libyan leader Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi following a speech he gave at an Organisation of the Islamic Conference meeting in favour of Pakistan’s right to pursue nuclear weapons.[citation needed] The stadium houses the headquarters of the Pakistan Cricket Board.
In 1995-96, the Gaddafi Stadium was renovated by architect Nayyar Ali Dada for the 1996 Cricket World Cup. Dada’s redesign was done in the Mughal style, with red, hand-laid brickwork and arches. Dada also had plastic seating installed in place of the existing concrete benches. The lower portion under the stands was enclosed and converted to shops for boutiques and offices. Gaddafi Stadium was the first in Pakistan to be equipped with modern floodlights having their own standby power generators.[citation needed]


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Qaddafi loyalists fail in attempts to regaining pockets close to tripoli.

Heavy shelling repulsed and hundreds embrace martyrdom for freedom.

Misrata is the key to encircle and overthrow the brute machinery just 75Kms away.

Here is live feeds from freedom fighters at Mirata from the battle front.

Islamist Malaysia faces Hindu intifada- Protest against novel with racial slur-‘Pariah’

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HRP’s Parody on the Racist Regime

HINDRAF protests Islamic Apartheid system of Malaysia

Hindraf the Hindu Human Rights activist movement made headlines when their gathering in Kula Lumpur was dispersed with police brutality years ago.

With the ongoing Civil Unrest all over Middle East and North Africa in Islamic countries, Malaysia might turn out to be the next stage setting for the serial drama of suppression of human rights.

Hindu ethnic minorities have been long denied educational and employment opportunities and the Islamization under Mahathir reached sinister proportions when thousands of Hindu temples were razed down by the regime.

That was a turning point in Malaysian politics when Indians irrespective of even religious differences, with even Christians joining under the umbrella of HINDRAF- the Malaysian Hindu Rights action forum.

The disenchantment with Malaysia’s Islamistaion and discrimination was so wide spread among Indian origin Malaysians that the Hindraf even upset the last election results unseating long entrenched Community leaders who were branded as traitors to their cause and interests.

Now then came the news of refusal of permission for a protest meeting at a time when regimes are convulsing with popular unrest in all the Muslim nations.
None of the regimes have been able to suppress without losing credibility and even losing hold of control, the latest being Libya and Bahrain.

Unlike the Arab street protesters who have no dearth for torch bearers and cheer leaders among the media and opinion makers, the plight and news of Hindu minorities reeling under the oppression of Islamisation in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Malaysia are selectively blacked out and under reported, if not distorted as communalists.

The anti-Hinduism has thus assumed the same connotation as anti Semitism.


The protest is about introduction of a novel that spits out venomous racial slurs with terms such as ‘pariah’ meaning an ‘Outcaste’ referring the Tamil Hindus which the Hindu community seriously feels offensive.

The Malaysian Indian Congress too had seriously objected to the Curriculum including a blatantly offensive racist novel as literature for students.

The Hindraf web site had published pictures of the crackdown while demonstrators attempted to proceed toward Twin towers of PETRONAS buildings, to hold a Protest meet against the ongoing discrimination and suppression of Islamist Malaysia.

Around 50 demonstrators broke through the barricade and gathered at a temple at Kula Lampur and demonstrated holding placards and shouted-

“Ban interlock”

“Don’t insult the Indian community”

Their leader jayathas had stated to AP-

“We want a stop to racism against minority citizens, especially the Indian poor, and a ban on Interlok, which is sowing the seeds of racism in schoolchildren. We are not asking for special rights but equal opportunity,”

Mass Weddings at Karachi- Pakistan Hindu Council

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Will Pakistan ensure survival of depleted hindu minorities?

Mass Wedding ceremony by Pakistan Hindu council at Karachi

Islamabad :

60 Hindu couples from poor families tied the knot at a mass wedding organised by an NGO in the southern Pakistani port city of Karachi.
The couples sat in colourfully designed mandaps at the YMCA Lawn during the event organised yesterday by the Pakistan Hindu Council, which bore all expenses and provided the dowry for the brides.
Each couple was allowed to bring 20 guests and the bride was given jewellery, a bed set, quilts and blankets, a television, an iron, clothes and utensils, Pakistan Hindu Council president Ramesh Kumar Vankhwani said.
Some of the couples hailed from Karachi while others were from different parts of Sindh province, including Mirpurkhas, Tando Allah Yar, Thatta, Hyderabad, Jacobabad, Jamshoro and Ghotki.
The pandit gave instructions over the microphone and all couples followed in synchronicity.
The couples performed the seven rounds around the fire while rituals unique to each family were held inside their individual mandaps.
The Hindus from the Rathore community made the groom carry a dagger while taking the rounds.
Members of the community said this was a legacy of their kings and helped to ward off evil.
Dheeraj Kumar, the brother of a groom, said his brother was engaged for a year but the family did not have the money to arrange a wedding.
Groom Vijay and his bride Komal were very happy at the wedding.
“It’s a different experience,” Vijay said. Haresh and Dema found out about the wedding two days ago and had little time to prepare.
“I only bought my clothes a night before the wedding and had to get them stitched too,” Dema said.
The couple said they would go to their village to perform other rituals with the rest of their families. Haresh’s sister-in-law said the family was planning to spend Rs 80,000 on the wedding but managed to save nearly Rs 50,000.
Though arrangements were made for 4,000 guests, many more attended the event.
An elderly woman named Mamta could not hide her excitement.
“It may essentially be a cheap way to wed for the poor but it is also good that it brings together so many people of different sects together,” she said

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