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Drone hijacked by Iran, Libyan Rebels becoming rogue Militias

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America lost one of its most secretive and high tech weapon over Iranian airspace

US worried intercepted stealth drone will aid Iran

From: AlJazeeraEnglish | Dec 6, 2011 | 301 views

US officials have acknowledged that the military lost control of one of its stealth drones while it was flying a mission over western Afghanistan.

Iran’s official IRNA news agency reported on Sunday that Iran’s armed forces had shot down the RQ-170, known as the Sentinel, and are now in possession of it.

US officials rejected that claim, saying there were no indications the plane was shot down. In either case, officials said this would be the first Sentinel lost by the US.

Al Jazeera’s Rosiland Jordan looks at the potential implications of losing the high-tech drone

Tripoli residents tired of militias

From: AlJazeeraEnglish | Dec 6, 2011 | 300 views

Libya’s NTC has given armed fighters from other parts of the country two weeks to hand over their weapons – or get out of Tripoli.

Residents of the capital say thuggish and intimidating behaviour is out of control.

Anita McNaught reports

Raw Video: Violence in Syria

From: AssociatedPress | Dec 6, 2011 | 140 views

Amateur video purportedly shows violence in the Syrian city of Homs, which has killed up to 50 people in the past 24 hours, leaving dozens of bodies in the streets, activists said Tuesday. (Dec. 6)

Pakistan torn to shreds- Congressmen batter Pak Policy

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Pakistan Policy got battered by Republican wannbes at Presedential canditature debate

Published on Nov 22, 2011 by AssociatedPress

Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Texas Gov. Rick Perry are clashing over whether the United States should continue to provide more than $1 billion in aid to Pakistan. (Nov. 22)

Pak Policy Bash by Republicans

(Reuters) – The Republican presidential hopefuls criticized U.S. policy toward Pakistan and called for placing sanctions on Iran’s central bank in a lively and substantive foreign policy debate on Tuesday.

Newt Gingrich, a former House of Representatives speaker, gave a composed performance in the first debate since he surged to the top of polls. He backed an overhaul in immigration policy that would include a guest-worker program similar to plans condemned by conservatives in the past.

The debate, the second on foreign policy in the last 10 days, featured sharp exchanges on a broad range of issues, including anti-terrorism laws, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The Republicans ganged up on Pakistan and questioned whether the United States could trust it. Texas Governor Rick Perry called Pakistan unworthy of U.S. aid because it had not done enough to help fight al Qaeda.

“To write a check to countries that are clearly not representing American interests is nonsensical,” said Perry, who has faded in polls after recent debate stumbles but had a stronger performance on Tuesday.

Representative Michele Bachmann, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, called Perry “highly naive” and said the United States should demand more from a “violent and unstable” Pakistan with nuclear weapons.

She called it “a nation that lies, that does everything possible that you could imagine wrong. At the same time they do share intelligence data with us regarding al Qaeda.”

Raw Video: Obama Interrupted by Hecklers

AssociatedPress | Nov 22, 2011 | 19,536 views

During a campaign event in Manchester, New Hampshire Tuesday, President Barack Obama had to interrupt his remarks as protesters began chanting. (Nov. 22)
… (more info)
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Videoflash-Pak Cricketers Jailed for match Fixing, Islamist Arsonists gut French Magazine office

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Pakistni Cricketers sentenced to Jail, Arson attack on French Magazine by Islamists

Pakistan cricketers receive jail terms for spot-fixing

From: AlJazeeraEnglish | Nov 3, 2011 | 115 views

The three Pakistan cricketers who conspired to fix parts of a Test match against England last year have been sentenced at Crown Court in London.

Salman Butt, who was the captain at the time, was sentenced to 30 months in jail on Thursday after being found guilty of conspiracy to obtain and accept corrupt payments, and conspiracy to cheat at gambling earlier this week.

Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir received sentences of 12 and six months respectively.

Mazhar Majeed, the players’ agent, was handed a sentence of two years and eight months.

Al Jazeera’s Lee Wellings sent this update from outside the courtroom in London.

Firebomb attack on satirical French magazine

From: Euronews | Nov 2, 2011 | 2,599 views

A molotov cocktail has partially gutted the offices of the French weekly satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

This week’s edition, due out today, was expected to be dedicated to Sharia law in reference to recent announcements by Libya’s interim government and Tunisia’s majority Islamist party, Ennahda.

Charlie Hebdo’s website has also been attacked with a message denouncing its publication five years ago of a caricature of the prophet Mohammed

French satirical magazine office set on fire

| Nov 2, 2011 | 176 views The office of Charlie Hebdo, one of France’s leading satirical magazines, has been attacked over its decision to use a caricature of the Prophet Mohammed as its guest editor.

The Paris-based publication was petrol bombed overnight and its offices partially gutted.

A special edition due out today is dedicated to Sharia law in reference to recent announcements made by Libya’s interim government and Tunisia’s new majority Islamist party

Nepal cracks down on Tibetan rights protest

From: Euronews | Nov 1, 2011 | 287 views More than 100 Tibetan exiles have been detained after a protest in Nepal against Chinese rule. Riot police broke up the demonstration, which took place at a prayer meeting on the outskirts of Kathmandu.

Polish Pilot Felt Huge Relief After Safe Landing

From: AssociatedPress | Nov 2, 2011 | 425 views

Hailed as a hero for his smooth emergency landing of a Boeing jet, a Polish pilot said he felt a “huge relief” once his passengers evacuated the plane but wondered whether he could have done even better. (Nov. 2

Israeli Missiles Stands Guard Bangalore- Indian Cities from Pak Nuke Air strike

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Indian Metros to be guarded by Israeli high tech Missile defense systems, being the best regarding Indian's specific threats from its hostile niegbour but also they help out the myopic American emabrgos that strangely wants to arm a Radicalized Theoratic terrorist State to bully one of world's largest democracies. IAI Barak 8 advanced surface to Air and ships missiles defense system & Arrow 3 hit-to-kill interceptor, at Israel Space Tech conference Nov. 17, 2009.

Indian Indigenous Defence Innovation- The Akash or ‘Skies” Missile Defence Shield

Uploaded by utubekhiladi on May 22, 2010
Akash (Sanskrit: आकाश Ākāś “Sky”) is India’s medium range surface-to-air missile defense shield system developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and Bharat Electronics Limited(BEL) as part of the Integrated Guided Missile Development Program

The Akash missile can target aircraft up to 30 km away, at altitudes up to 18,000 m. Akash missile can be fired from both tracked and wheeled platforms. Akash missile is said to be capable of both conventional and nuclear warheads, with a reported payload of 60 kg. A nuclear warhead could potentially give the Akash missile the capability to destroy both aircraft and warheads from ballistic missiles. The Akash missile air air defense system battery is described as being able to track and attack several targets simultaneously. An Akash missile air defense shield system battery comprises four 3D phased array radars and four launchers with three missiles each, all of which are interlinked. Each radar is able to track 16 targets simultaneously and control a launcher with 3 missiles. Hence Akash missile is reported to be able to track 64 targets and simultaneously attack any 12 of those targets at one time. The Akash air defense shield system is comparable to the Patriot system, but unlike the Patriot, Akash missile is fully mobile and capable of protecting a moving convoy of vehicles. Like the Patriot, the Akash is really an air defence SAM which has been tested in a ballistic missile role. The shield system provides air defence missile coverage of 2,000 km².

Uploader Comments (kashsoldier)
• Prithvi I and Prithvi II are SRBMs
Prithvi III and Agni I are MRBMs
Agni II, Agni III, Agni IV and Agni V are ICBMs.
Shourya and K15 (naval) are Hypersonic Glide Missiles
Agni II (AT) and k4 (naval) are Hypersonic Boost Glide Missiles
Nirbhay (subsonic), BrahMos I (Supersonic),
LRCM (Long Range Supersonic) BrahMos II (Hypersonic) are Cruise Missiles

Gunmen kill 4 Kids with Rocket attack on School Bus, Libyan War Crimes by Rebels as well, Taliban Attacks -Clashes at Kabul

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The School Bus was attacked first with Rockets and Islamist gunmen enter and spray bullets on school kids killing 3 children instantly and the bus driver. 9 other kids are fighting for their lives with other wounded school kids. This barbarism is by now a familiar scene in Radicalised Pakistan's cities and revulsion to this Cult of Death and Medieval barbarism is shout down with accusations of 'Islamo-Phobia'. One wonders what kind of Religiousity could lead to motivate killing little tots like at Beslan school massacre?

Gunmen Attack School Van in Pakistan, Kids Hurt

From: AssociatedPress | Sep 13, 2011 | 656 views

The Taliban said their gunmen attacked a school van in northwestern Pakistan Tuesday, killing at least four children and the driver. More than a dozen people were wounded. (Sept. 13)
Taliban also promises more such attacks would follow.

Islamists gun down 4 School Kids with Rocket Fire on a Peshawar School Bus at Pakistan.

Another 9 kids fight for lives grieviously wounded, while driver dies.

Published on Sep 13, 2011 by Euronews

Gunmen opened fire on a school bus in north-western Pakistan on Tuesday killing at least three children.

Officials said the driver also died in the shooting in the city of Peshawar, near the volatile border with Afghanistan

Fifteen children, all aged around nine years old, were wounded.

Police said the attack started with a rocket strike that missed the bus. The gunmen then opened fire.

War Crimes by Libyan Rebels as well

Published on Sep 13, 2011 by Euronews
Both sides in the Libya conflict have committed war crimes and must be held to account according to a report by Amnesty International.

It details pro-Gaddafi attacks on civilians using tanks, rockets and artillery and details numerous summary executions.

But forces of the new administration are accused too.

Published on Sep 13, 2011 by Euronews

There have been scenes of chaos in Kabul. The Afghan capital witnessed a series of coordinated Taliban attacks on Tuesday, as a series of explosions rocked the embassy district.

Several attackers armed with explosive vests and rocket-propelled grenades targeted government buildings, NATO headquarters, the US embassy, the intelligence agency and at least one ministry. The airport was also attacked.

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