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American Growth Rate Revised Upwards at 3.4 TO 3.9 %

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Fed analysts revised their own previous forecasts of American economy growth at around 3 to 3.6 to significantly move up 3.4 to 3.9 %, though with a caveat that Unemployment figures are to move north as well.
American Unemployment figures at a very unflattering 8 to 9% currently are to stay that way or even worsen.
Improved Auto sales makes Fed experts to be sceptical about faster recovery, since that might not indicate any actual spending increase.
On the contrary, any pent up and unmet consumption, should account for previous Quarters high and promising Consumer Spending figures.
Their conclusion?
Growth should indeed pick up, but unemployment could stay this way or worse.
The next move seems a 600 Billion Dollar shopping spree for Treasury Bills that could push Interest Rates to such unattractive levels those Stocks should attract all the money in.
This strategy called Quant Easing could as well lead to asset bubbles.
With such high unemployment figures, and a projected revised Growth rate upwards, the fed seems to have decided to have a go at this binge.
Whole Sale prices index and improving Housing figures have been encouraging to arrive at such conclusion.
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Lost City of Atlantis found !

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Lost City of Atlantis Found


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After thousands of years of searching, the long-lost city under the sea has been found. A U.S.-led team of archeologists and geologists think they have found Atlantis — but critics say the search is still on.

National Geographic ran a special about Richard Freund and his search for the ancient city — said to be engulfed by the sea after a series of earthquakes and tsunamis thousands of years ago. One thing that is largely agreed upon — the ancient city is under or around the Doñana Park in Cadiz, Spain. (Video: National Geographic)

“Kuehne observes strange circular patterns in a satellite photograph of the Doñana mud flats. Comparing the photograph to the detailed descriptions of Plato, Kuehne becomes convinced that the Lost City is here in Southern Spain.” (National Geographic)

As exciting as this new information might be, the Daily Mail reminds us — this isn’t the first time Atlantis has been “found.” Actually, it happens quite often — all over the world.

“In 1997, Russian scientists claimed to have found it 100 miles off Land’s End. Three years later, a ruined town was found under 300ft of water off the north coast of Turkey in the Black Sea. … And as recently as February of this year, what appeared to be grid-like lines that resembled city streets were spotted on Google Earth – in the ocean off the coast of Africa.”

And then come the skeptics. CBS suggests the timing of the announcement might have something to do with the premier of the TV special.

“There are, as readers will no doubt guess, a lot of ‘ifs’ and ‘maybes’ in the report. Critical readers may also not be surprised that this announcement precedes the premier of ‘Finding Atlantis,’ a new special on the National Geographic Channel starring Freund and his team.”

And the only real proof anyone has of Atlantis’ existence comes from 2,700-year-old writings from Plato. Just a couple of lines about the city has had scientists reeling for evidence ever since.

But KTVI in St. Louis highlights the reason why this particular team thinks they’ve finally solved the mystery.

ANCHOR 1: “To solve the age-old mystery archeologists used a combination of deep ground radar digital mapping and underwater technology to survey the site of the suspected submerged city.”
ANCHOR 2: “And they later discovered in central Spain a strange series of memorial cities built in Atlantis’ image. Researchers say these were likely built by Atlantis residents who escaped the tsunami and fled inland.”

But it’s not just the finding under scrutiny. As the Telegraph reports – there’s a side story to Freund’s research. A Spanish scientist tells the Telegraph…

“[Freund] became involved in what we were doing and provided funding for probes through his connections with National Geographic and Associated Producers. He left and the film company told us the documentary would be finished in April or May. But we did not hear from him and are very surprised it has appeared so soon and makes such fanciful claims.”

Freund tells Reuters, Atlantis is the prime example of how powerful tsunamis can be — strong enough to wipe out entire islands up to 60 miles inland. So… has Atlantis been found? Or is the Lost City still — lost? Tell us what you think in the comments section.

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Feb. 19, 2011

A startling new photo of what might be the “English Loch Ness monster ” has the cryptozoology community abuzz –

and a British newspaper has published the photo so the general public can see it!

To get your look at the amazing photo taken by kayaker Tom Pickles on Lake Windermere in the UK, just go to this story (with photo) at the Telegraph’s website.

As longtime followers of the “Nessie” mystery in Scotland’s Loch Ness, all Tema Punditty can say is “Wow, this looks like the real deal.”

Great job, Tom Pickles!

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37 Priests In Philadelphia Accused Of Molestation Still Active In Church

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Veronica a citizen journalist at has this to say.

Philadelphia : PA : USA | Feb 17, 2011

By Veronica Roberts
February 17, 2011, Philadelphia]—

-In stunning news:

 37 priests in Philadelphia accused of child molestation have been allowed by the Church to remain in active Ministry. 3 others have been placed on desk duty, reports CNN.

This bomshell exploded on Thursday as last week’s Grand Jury report of 3 priests accused of sexual abuse, was released.

The Grand Jury accused the Philadelphia Archdiocese of neglecting to protect children from the pedophiles in their midst as far back as 5 years ago, when more than 50 priests’ abuse of children were documented by the court.

These priests were given continued access to children, with the church knowing about the sexual abuse allegations.

My Opinion

Why is the RC Church continually given the task of investigating, policing and handing down judgements of their own? Isn’t this a gross conflict of interest? What is wrong with our judicial system that we can put an innocent man in jail for 18 and even 30 years and we can’t successfully prosecute sexual predator priests and protect our children?

Veronica Roberts is based in Ocala, Florida, United States of America, and is Anchor for Allvoices

Imminent Jihadis’ take over of Pakistan-CIA man’s warnings

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Ameerica gathers intel that suggest an imminent take over by Jihad groups

‘If Jihadis take over Pakistan…’ ex-CIA Official’s doomsday musings

Last updated on: 17 may 2011

Editors’ note

The following is a rediff post and a summary of this top CIA man’s uptake on what is a speedily gathering ominous dark cloud at our horizon.

A jihadist takeover in Pakistan — which is a ‘real possibility today’– would have devastating consequences not only for the country but the entire world, and particularly for India, says Bruce Riedel in his new book.
“A jihadist Pakistan would emerge through some combination of violence and intimidation. The simplest way would be another military coup led by a general who shares the worldview of Zia ul-Haq, the Pakistan dictator who ruled the country in the 1980s and defeated the Soviets with our help in Afghanistan, thus initiating the global jihad we face today,” The Daily Beast quoted an excerpt from Deadly Embrace: Pakistan, America and the Future of the Global Jihad, as saying.
The new regime would also take control of the nuclear arsenal, and make NATO’s current mission in Afghanistan “virtually untenable. A jihadist Pakistan would be even more of a safe haven for the Afghan Taliban than now,” Reidel said in his book.
He noted that in such a scenario, Pakistan’s relations with Iran would probably deteriorate, with Shia jihadist Iran and Sunni jihadist Pakistan becoming enemies and competing for their influence on Afghanistan’s battlefields.
“China, historically Pakistan’s main arms supplier, would be threatened as well by jihadists meddling in its far west,” he added.
Riedel, who chaired United States President Barack Obama’s review of Afghanistan and Pakistan policy at the start of the administration two years ago, said that an Islamic takeover in Pakistan would be “particularly bad news for India, which would have little choice but to build up both its nuclear and conventional forces.”
“Any chance for a peace agreement in Kashmir would be dead, and the new militant regime in Pakistan would increase support for the insurgency. A major mass-casualty attack like the one on Mumbai in November 2008 could spark a war,” he added.
The former CIA officer also pointed out that a militant Islamic state in Pakistan would have a massive ripple effect across the Muslim world.
“Extremists would be strengthened. A jihadist Pakistan would be the most serious threat the United States has faced since the end of the Cold War. Aligned with Al Qaeda and armed with nuclear weapons, such a state would be a nightmare, and all US options for dealing with it would be bad,” he said.
Riedel, who is a senior fellow in the Saban Centre at the Brookings Institution, underlined that a Jihadi, nuclear-armed Pakistan is a scenario that must be avoided at all costs.
“That means working with the Pakistan of today to try to improve its very spotty record on terrorism and proliferation. While many (on both sides of the US-Pakistan dialogue) are pessimistic about whether cooperation/engagement between America and Pakistan will succeed, there is every reason to try, given the alternatives,” he said.
The all-too-possible nightmare scenarios, which he mentioned in his book, should “impel the United States to focus on the current state of Pakistan. It needs to do better in Pakistan. For Obama, 2011 may be the year of Pakistan,” Reidel concluded.


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