Egyptian Prisons’ escapees rush for Jihad against Israel

The prison escapees choose an easy way to infiltrate Egyptian society.
Democracy is the catch word.



During the apparent lawlessness of anti-Mubarak protests, thousands of convicts belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood and the Hamas literally walked scot free from the numerous prisons all over Egypt.

Many of whom appeared on Television at Gaza, and given a hero’s welcome and eulogy have started appearing in the radar of intelligence agencies orchestrating a new wave of Rocket attacks from Palestinian territories into Israel.

The commander of Central Sector of Hamas at Gaza strip Ayman Nofal was one among them and had been the master mind of Rocket launches that fell on Beersheba in Israel.

Other Operatives belonging to the Islamic Jihad with fugitives have quickly embarked upon planting Improvised Explosive devices at the Gaza Strip border posts with Israel. Israeli Counter Offensive The Israeli Defence Forces at once returned the Rocket attacks and bombing sprees by striking the bases of these operatives. At least one Palestinian belonging to the Islamic Jihad was killed along with three others wounded who belonged to the Al Qassam Brigade of the of the Hamas according to the Jerusalem Battalion website of the Islamic Jihad.

Between 23rd February to26th, IDF carried out air strikes that destroyed a training camp, ammo dump, tunnels weapon manufacturing sites. At Gaza City itself a base at Netzarim was snuffed out. Muslim Brotherhood alliance with Hamas The Hamas has increased its sphere of influence in the after math of Egyptian Uprising. The Brotherhood already had been fronting Hamas’ objectives since the foiled attempt at a Gaza Flotilla to break through the naval cordon.

Israeli Navy had intercepted huge gun smuggling that ship in rockets and arsenals that are brought in from the Iranian sponsors and black market. Judea and Samaria erupts Unrest in the Arab world had been quickly sought to be turned around the Palestinian issue. At Judea and Samaria the Brotherhood escapees fomented huge demonstrations that ended up with head on collision with Israeli security forces. Bilain and Ni Lin strongholds of Islamic Jihad were made a pilgrimage for Protesters from abroad who converged for the show.

This was even as Rocket attacks were hiked up targeting civilian centres inside Israel to draw out a response from Israeli defence forces.

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