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Livestream- concert- 24 Hours In Black & White with The Maine,You are a tourist, Death cab for cutie

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24 Hours In Black & White with The Maine

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Videoflash- Dire Gun attack on Australia’s Oldest Temple

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Dire Gun Attack on Australia’s Oldest Hindu Temple

Uploaded by newsxlive on Mar 30, 2011

Hindu community in Australia has expressed deep concern at the attack on the oldest temple of Australia. The Sri Mandir was attacked by 2 gunmen on the night of 19th March. The CCTV camera recorded 2 gunmen outside the Sri Temple of Auburn. These men fired at least 8 rounds at the temple, luckily nobody was hurt.

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Hindu World Vision Exclusive Coverage-

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The Radicalization of American society Hearings at the Senate is brought to you Live.

Rebels claim Gaddafi laid mines around Sirte

AlJazeeraEnglish | Mar 30, 2011 | 309 views

This video, posted on Facebook on March 30 by group that calls itself the “Intifada of February 17, 2011,” claims to show rebels discovering and holding landmines on the approach to Sirte. The description, translated from Arabic, says:

“Battalions of Gaddafi laid the mines in the path of the advance freedom revolutionaries’ advance to the city of Sirte..rare courage in how the revolutionaries are dealing with these mines.”

Live Stream-Syrians in thousands out in streets

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Violent protests spread in Syria

AlJazeeraEnglish | Mar 26, 2011 | 254 views

Tens of thousands of Syrians have taken to the streets of Damascus in a show of support for President Bashar al-Assad.

Earlier at least three people were reported to have been killed by security forces in the coastal city of Latakia. Protesters are calling for reform.

But an adviser to the president said the protests are a plan to cause sectarian divisions.

Al Jazeera’s Tarek Bazley reports.

Laurent Gbagbo’s Special forces massacre women and children-France slams UN passivity

The United Nations says scores of women and children have been killed in recent days by forces loyal to Ivory Coast presidential claimant Laurent Gbagbo. The African Union warns the country is sliding into civilian war.

A United Nations human rights officer on Thursday has said the death toll from months of deadlock between Laurent Gbagbo and Allassane Outarra has risen to 462.

Both men claim victory in the Ivory Coast presidential election.

World leaders have recognized Ouattara as Ivory Coast’s president. But Gbagbo refuses to stand down, with the backing of much of the armed forces.

Guillaume N’Guefa, UN Human Rights Officer:

”These Special Forces, buttressed by young militia have also invaded the areas of Adjame, Attecoube, Williamsville and Yopougon, indiscriminately firing explosives on populations suspected of being pro-Ouattara.”

France, which has troops in Ivory Coast, has said the UN wasn’t doing enough to protect civilians

Jasmine Tsunami wave reaches Jordanian shores

Euronews report 25th march 18.00hrs

It happened after police tried to disperse the crowd and cut the power supply to the square in which the rally was taking place.

A group several dozen strong, thought to be government supporters, are said to have assaulted demonstrators with stones.

Earlier, in what seemed like a carnival atmosphere, hundreds of young people called for political reform and an end to corruption.

Meanwhile at Yemen the protest movement got its morale booster with the defection of the country’s top General as Al Jazeera reports-

Arab Regimes getting destabilised- swept by Tsunami of Quake Gaddafi
Yemen, Syria jolted by protests as Gaddafi loyalists muster forces

Also read Aron’s full report now published at allvoices-

Why are The Hindus Addicted to their Abusers?

by: Raju Peddada

In the fields of Psychiatry and Psychology, addictive and co-dependent relationships have been conjectured upon, debated with published white papers, researched with seemingly definitive conclusions that explicate the convoluted relationship between the abused and the abuser.

Somewhere in the vast domain of these professions, resides the clinical answer to my query. Why does the fatal relationship of Hinduism with its various alien abusers continue even today? As much as it is a rhetorical question, this is more a pithy inquiry, not a prolix meandering into the histology of this phenomenon.

There could be many explanations available as opinions from varied sources, and they could all have clinical overtones. But, the source of the answer I am looking for is not in the aforementioned professions, but Hinduism itself.

I want Hindus to contemplate on this and see if we can decipher the answer, it is rather simple and can fill us with pride.

Video Stream- Warren Buffet-“Global Growth in India-Want to be here where the action is”

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Billionaire Warren Buffett Sees Global Growth in India

From: NTDTV | Mar 24, 2011 |

U.S Billionaire, Warren Buffett who is on his first trip to India likes what he sees there. Buffet ranked the third richest man by Forbes magazine says there is great potential for global growth.

American billionaire Warren Buffett is looking to invest in rapidly growing countries.

And the world’s third richest man sees great potential for global growth in India.

Warren Buffett

“We want to go where the action is and the action is here.”

Buffett is in Bangalore to visit a local tool making business in which his Berkshire Hathaway Inc. firm has a majority stake.

He is also there because Karnataka state’s chief minister invited global investors to visit the state to check out investment opportunities.

B. S. Yeddyurappa, Karnataka State Chief Minister:

“Today is an historical day. I invited him for a global investors’ meet for next in Bangalore and really, those who want to invest in Karnataka is even very good strength to investors and I’m really very happy today that he has come all the way from there (US) to Bangalore.”

While in India, Buffett is also in launching Berkshire’s insurance portal

Tax Raid on Billionaire charged with 8 Billion Dollar evasion

A multi-billion dollar tax evasion case in India. Hasan Ali Kahn is charged with hiding as much as $8 billion. Now the house of Khan’s accountant has been raided by taxation officials as part of the investigation.

On Wednesday, sleuths of India’s Enforcement Directorate raided the house of Sunil Shinde, the accountant of India’s top tax evader, Hasan Ali Khan.

53-year-old Khan has been charged with stashing as much as $8 billion in tax havens.

Officials carried out the raid on Shinde’s residence in Pune City, located in western India.

Khan, meanwhile, is in custody being interrogated over money laundering and tax evasion activities.

On Monday, the Supreme Court in New Delhi granted investigators three more days to grill Khan.

Khan is a multi-billionaire real estate consultant and stud farm owner.

Former prisoners plan Egypt political parties

Abboud al-Zommor, the mastermind behind the 1981 assassination of Egypt’s former president Anwar Sadat, has been released after spending decades in prison.

He was the leader of Jihad, a group trying to overthrow the secular government and establish an Islamic state.

Now, after the ouster of former president Hosni Mubarak’s government, al-Zommor plans to take part in mapping out the future of Egypt.

Islamic groups do have support in Egypt even though they were banned and suppressed under Mubarak’s government. But some fear that when these groups are allowed the right to form legal parties, they could become a strong force and change the face of the country.

Al Jazeera’s Zeina Khodr reports from Cairo.

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