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The Third Jihad – Film

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The Third Jihad- a Film on Radical Terror

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9/11, Bush, and the Ongoing threat of Radical Islam

When we think about 9/11, we honor those who risked their lives, we watch the 9/11 video footage of the World Trade Center collapse, and we remember President Bush’s public address.

On 9/11, Bush said that through the Pentagon and World Trade Center attack, the 9/11 terrorists, “can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America.”

Ten years after the 9/11 World Trade Center attack, the threat of Radical Islam is as great as ever. It is crucial to stay informed about this threat so that the words said on 9/11 by Bush hold true –

“they cannot touch the foundation of America.”

The critically-acclaimed video The Third Jihad is available to watch free online this September 11th – watch now to learn about the threat of Radical Islam in America.

By watching The Third Jihad video this 9/11, you will be paying tribute to those killed in the September 11th attacks.

We must remember what happened on 9/11, and honor the heroes of Flight 93 and the victims of the 9/11 Pentagon and World Trade Center attack.

On 9/11, Bush said that the Radical Islamic 9/11 terrorists “have failed. Our country is strong.” Watch The Third Jihad video this 9/11 to understand the forces which combat the American strength in the years following the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks.

Share the 9/11 video -stream with others and educate them about the threat we face.

This September 11th, pay tribute to the memories of the 9/11 victims, educate yourself, and awaken others. Our country must remain strong.

Iraq bomber targeted Imam,Palestinian goes berserk at Tel Aviv, Maoist becomes Nepal Prime Minister

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Sunni Imam of Umm Qumra mosque was the target of the suicide bomber

Uploaded by AlJazeeraEnglish on Aug 28, 2011

The imam of the Umm al-Qura mosque speaks to Al Jazeera about the blast that claimed the lives of 29 worshipers.

Ahmed Al-Samarrai believes he was the intended target in the Sunday blast in Baghadad

Al Qaeda claims Algerian bomb blasts

Al Qaeda’s North African wing has said it carried out Friday night’s bombing outside a military academy in Algeria.

In a statement posted on line the so called al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb or AQMI said the attack was to avenge Algeria’s support for the Gaddafi regime in Libya.
At least 18 people died and 35 more were wounded in the town of Cherchell in two explosions used by suicide bombers.
Algeria bombing

Uploaded by AlJazeeraEnglish on Aug 26, 2011
Algerian blogger and activist Elias Filali reports on the suicide bombing at a military academy.

He says the attack, that claimed the lives of at least 18 people, was perpetrated on the hottest day of the fasting month.

He said although these kinds of attacks are not very frequent in recent months, this was the most brazen attack in recent memory.

Palestinian injures eight in Tel Aviv
A 20-year-old Palestinian from the West Bank has injured eight people in a Tel Aviv attack.

The man commandeered a taxi, stabbing the driver and then injuring seven others after crashing into a road block. The suspect who is thought to have had nationalist motives was later arrested….

Maoist becomes Nepal’s new PM

Maoist leader Baburam Bhattarai has been elected by Nepal’s parliament as prime minister after failing to form a unity government.

Bhattarai was once part of an insurgency against the now toppled monarchy. As premier he faces having to integrate 19,000 former guerrillas and the preparation of a new constitution….

Videos-Gaddafi escaped to Algeria ? Armoured Convoy that crossed over border

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Gaddafi and his family could have been in an Armoured Convoy that crossed over to Algeria through the Libyan border

Algeria denies that ‘Gaddafi crossed border’

From: Euronews | Aug 27, 2011 | 582 views
Algeria has strongly denied reports stating that Colonel Gaddafi and his sons may have entered the country on Friday in a convoy of cars.

The Foreign Ministry says Algeria has been the victim of a stream of false information for months.

The official Egyptian news agency Mena quoted a rebel source as saying that Gaddafi may have been in a convoy of armour-plated Mercedes cars seen crossing the border to Ghadames.

But one Algerian journalist believes it is plausible that Algeria might take in Gaddafi.

Was Gaddafi in convoy that crossed into Algeria?

From: Euronews | Aug 27, 2011 | 951 views
As the hunt for Muammar Gaddafi continues, one unconfirmed report suggests he may have escaped from Libya into neighbouring Algeria.

The elusive colonel was last seen in June playing chess, although he has broadcast audio messages since.

His son Saif al-Islam was reported captured before making a dramatic reappearance in front of exuberant supporters earler in the week.

Tripoli residents struggle with severe shortages

From: Euronews | Aug 27, 2011 | 297 views

Saturday has seen less fighting in Tripoli, although there have been clashes in some areas and

rebel checkpoints continue to seek out Gaddafi loyalists.

The city’s people however are struggling to cope with a breakdown in basic services.

There are widespread shortages, although the opposition National Transitional Council says fuel and water supplies should arrive in the capital on Sunday.

There are few signs of life. In some areas people have been burning rubbish to stave of disease.

Some residents have emerged from hiding.

Rush to bury bodies in Tripoli

From: Euronews | Aug 27, 2011 | 1,868 views

There are few accurate casualty estimates available so far for the Battle for Tripoli, but the hospitals are overflowing. Many of the last week’s dead have been piled near medical centres. Space is running out. And the hospitals want to treat the living.

Death’s ceremony lies on the floor, as the hundreds make way for the thousands of bodies to be disposed of.

Because outside, funeral seems a poor word for what awaits the fallen. Freezer lorries line up to transport the dead.

James Bays reporting live from Tripoli

From: AlJazeeraEnglish | Aug 28, 2011 | 318 views

James Bays reports live from the Libyan capital of Tripoli about the hunt for Muammar Gaddafi, migrant workers leaving the capital, and the wide spread shortage of fuel, food and medical supplies.

Videos-Dalai Lama Tibet Parlaiment in exile meets, Youtube One Girl Music band sensation 4 Million Views, Baby Rhino at Patna

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Tibetan Parliament in exile meets over Dalai Lama's Retirement

Tibetan Parliament-In-Exile Amends Tibetan Charter

From: NTDTV |

Recently the Dalai Lama announced that he would devolve his political responsibilities and focus entirely on his role as spiritual leader. On Thursday the Tibetan parliament in exile began a special session to amend their Charter accordingly.

Taiwan: One-Girl Band a YouTube Sensation

One Taiwanese artist is gaining worldwide attention on YouTube. A video of her playing three instruments at the same time has generated more than four million views in three weeks.

While Asian girl bands such as the Wonder Girls and AKB 48 are achieving success around the globe, a “one-girl band” is attracting worldwide attention on the Internet with a video that has generated more than four million YouTube hits within three weeks.

The video shows 25-year-old Shara Lin performing Jolin Tsai’s “Dancing Diva” on the piano, violin, and zither all at the same time.

Lin put the trio performance together within five days for a music training session mixing the classical music into Taiwanese pop music.

Newly Born Baby Rhino Attracts Visitors in Eastern India

From: NTDTV | May 27, 2011 | 68 views

A new born one-horn rhinoceros is a big draw for visitors at a zoo in India’s Bihar state. Rhinos are an endangered species, with only 14,000 found in the world.

A newly born one-horn rhinoceros is a special attraction at the Sanjay Gandhi Zoological Park in India’s Patna City.

Video-Tripoli Air raid at Night, Georgia Cracks down on Protest, Israel’s Online Battle

In Libya live video feeds and Updates, Live Stream Videos-Latest Reports, Video Stream-Middle East Uprising on May 25, 2011 at 11:44 pm

Triploi rocked by night long NATO Airstrikes

Libya air strike video: NATO missiles hit Tripoli hard

From: RussiaToday | May 24, 2011 | 6,462 views
The Libyan capital woke today to the heaviest NATO shelling there since the beginning of the international campaign.Tripoli reports three people were killed and dozens injured during twenty minutes of strikes. The main target appears to be Colonel Gaddafi’s compound. NATO aircraft have been firing on Tripoli almost every night in attempts to destroy the military arsenal of the Libyan leader. The latest attack comes as France and UK announced their decision to deploy helicopters to escalate their strike power

Armageddon-Proof: Arks & bunkers back in demand

From: RussiaToday | May 22, 2011 | 17,459 views

After the Fukushima crisis, there have been calls to test nuclear power plants against earthquakes and floods. Recent disasters across the world have raised safety concerns and Russian inventors could soon be cashing in on those fears.

Fresh clashes as Georgia cracks down on anti-Saakashvili demo

From: RussiaToday | May 22, 2011 | 7,721 views
In Georgia, riot police have used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse anti-government demonstrators. Hundreds of opposition members have gathered for a second day of protest in the capital Tbilisi. Many more are said to be on their way to join the rally. Opposition leaders say hundreds of people have been arrested by the authorities. On Saturday, thousands marched through Tbilisi, calling for Mikhail Saakashvili to step down immediately. Demonstrators claim they’ve been robbed of their freedoms, and say Saakashvili’s presence at the top puts the whole region at risk. According to opposition groups, 13 people were injured and several detained, as police raided one of their offices in the middle of the night. Opposition leader Nino Burdjanadze says the government clampdown has entitled the people to act in self defence.

Wiki War: Israel, Palestine dig digital trenches

From: RussiaToday | May 25, 2011 | 3,980 views
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has reached an unlikely new field of battle, where there are no borders and no generals calling the shots. The battle is raging all over the Internet, where everybody can post their point of view on the events in the Middle East.

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