Libyan crisis U.S commiting historic blunder- Calls mount for Military action

Some Libyan rebel groups have called for limited military assistance, such as targeted air strikes.

However, one US Senator has said direct military intervention would be counter-productive. John Kerry said the international community should prepare a no-fly zone, in the event of a massacre of civilians by the Libyan air force.

Much of the military equipment needed to enforce a no-fly zone is already based on the Mediterranean island of Malta.

Al Jazeera’s James Bays reports from Malta.

U.S. Commiting a historical blunder?


Senator John Kerry the Chairman of Foreign Relations committee at the American Senate called for immediate imposition of sanctions on the brutal regime of Qaddafi.

Others criticized Obama’s mum silence in the wake of the bloodiest crackdown among the Arab Uprising, and the most widespread.

Libya had been the only country where the Army had clashed among itself and the entire senior military and diplomatic corps defecting and civil administration quitting en masse.

Kaddafi also is the first dictator to import plane loads f Mercenaries from Africa to quell the civilian uprising.
Obama is expected to speak out following the pressure mounting, and American administration distancing from Libyan struggle for secular and free society.

Mr. Kerry seems to be outspoken-“World leaders must together put Colonel Gaddafi on notice that his cowardly actions will have consequences”

Mrs. Clinton had cited safety of U.S. citizens in Libya but that hardly matters if Uprising prevails, and would in fact only put them in bad light.

The Reagan administration had bombed Tripoli in 1986 for a terror strike at a Berlin disco.

A no fly zone can be obtained by Libyan diplomats from U.N. despite this American short sighted pussy footing.

The real reason for this is to avoid alarming its despotic client states like Bahrain, and American image is sure to be dented as an Imperialist and this will only strengthen Islamist propaganda later.

In this, American behavior has almost been the same pathology that paved the way for the talibanistion of Af-Pak region.

On the contrary the kind of zeal that America displayed taking up the cause of Bosnian Muslims, that went only to build radical Islam is missing and will by default help the spread of the same.

The void of strong forces is bound to be filled by lslamists when liberals and civil protesters are left at the mercy of a monstrous regime of Qadaffi.

All is well only as long as Oils well

The new dimension to this conflict is the separatists who could even topple the weakly going global economic recovery.
The Crenaica Oil wells contain the major supply source to the Libyan Oil export basket that turns it into the fourth largest Oil exporter.
This region happens to be the hotbed of the uprising.
Also the major clan of Al Zuwaiyya had thrown itself behind the Uprising against qadaffi.
Any blunder of American foreign policy to act swiftly to get Qadaffi now will foster anti-Americanism.
This would hurt its economic recovery and breed bitterness against America that stood by and watched the slaughter of freedom lovers.

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  2. Why is it that we all expect US to do some talking or action. Essentially, we are bestowing US the status of a big daddy asking him to intervene in anything and everything.

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