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Drone hijacked by Iran, Libyan Rebels becoming rogue Militias

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America lost one of its most secretive and high tech weapon over Iranian airspace

US worried intercepted stealth drone will aid Iran

From: AlJazeeraEnglish | Dec 6, 2011 | 301 views

US officials have acknowledged that the military lost control of one of its stealth drones while it was flying a mission over western Afghanistan.

Iran’s official IRNA news agency reported on Sunday that Iran’s armed forces had shot down the RQ-170, known as the Sentinel, and are now in possession of it.

US officials rejected that claim, saying there were no indications the plane was shot down. In either case, officials said this would be the first Sentinel lost by the US.

Al Jazeera’s Rosiland Jordan looks at the potential implications of losing the high-tech drone

Tripoli residents tired of militias

From: AlJazeeraEnglish | Dec 6, 2011 | 300 views

Libya’s NTC has given armed fighters from other parts of the country two weeks to hand over their weapons – or get out of Tripoli.

Residents of the capital say thuggish and intimidating behaviour is out of control.

Anita McNaught reports

Raw Video: Violence in Syria

From: AssociatedPress | Dec 6, 2011 | 140 views

Amateur video purportedly shows violence in the Syrian city of Homs, which has killed up to 50 people in the past 24 hours, leaving dozens of bodies in the streets, activists said Tuesday. (Dec. 6)

Pakistan torn to shreds- Congressmen batter Pak Policy

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Pakistan Policy got battered by Republican wannbes at Presedential canditature debate

Published on Nov 22, 2011 by AssociatedPress

Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Texas Gov. Rick Perry are clashing over whether the United States should continue to provide more than $1 billion in aid to Pakistan. (Nov. 22)

Pak Policy Bash by Republicans

(Reuters) – The Republican presidential hopefuls criticized U.S. policy toward Pakistan and called for placing sanctions on Iran’s central bank in a lively and substantive foreign policy debate on Tuesday.

Newt Gingrich, a former House of Representatives speaker, gave a composed performance in the first debate since he surged to the top of polls. He backed an overhaul in immigration policy that would include a guest-worker program similar to plans condemned by conservatives in the past.

The debate, the second on foreign policy in the last 10 days, featured sharp exchanges on a broad range of issues, including anti-terrorism laws, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The Republicans ganged up on Pakistan and questioned whether the United States could trust it. Texas Governor Rick Perry called Pakistan unworthy of U.S. aid because it had not done enough to help fight al Qaeda.

“To write a check to countries that are clearly not representing American interests is nonsensical,” said Perry, who has faded in polls after recent debate stumbles but had a stronger performance on Tuesday.

Representative Michele Bachmann, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, called Perry “highly naive” and said the United States should demand more from a “violent and unstable” Pakistan with nuclear weapons.

She called it “a nation that lies, that does everything possible that you could imagine wrong. At the same time they do share intelligence data with us regarding al Qaeda.”

Raw Video: Obama Interrupted by Hecklers

AssociatedPress | Nov 22, 2011 | 19,536 views

During a campaign event in Manchester, New Hampshire Tuesday, President Barack Obama had to interrupt his remarks as protesters began chanting. (Nov. 22)
… (more info)
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Iran Works on Nuclear Bombs- IAETA Report out, Oil and Gas prices shoot up

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Iran working on Nukes discloses International Atomic Energy Agency in its much expected Report- while Russia advised 'learning to live with it' warning against air strikes or intervention- forgetting Iran's vow to wipe out Israel as and when it had such means

Published on Nov 8, 2011 by Euronews

The United Nation’s nuclear watchdog says Iran has worked on developing a nuclear weapon and on research and testing for such arms.

And, in its most detailed report to date, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) says such activities may be ongoing.

The United States and Israel are likely to use the document to press for more sanctions against Tehran

Iran worries boost oil prices

From: Euronews | Nov 8, 2011 | 93 views

The price of Brent crude oil rose over one percent on Tuesday around $116 a barrel.

Traders pointed to concerns about the escalating dispute over Iran’s nuclear programme as a big reason.

Other factors include strong demand for heating oil as winter approaches in the northern hemisphere, low stockpiles of some oil products in Europe and the US and the fact that China became a net importer of diesel in November

Iranian Nukes- just another problem says Russia

Russia without explaining how it proposes to stave off Iran from its self avowed goal of having Israel nuked out- warned about Air Strikes or military intervention.

Instead it seems to advice the world to learn live with it?

How it escapes our understanding when Iran says it wouldn’t allow Israel to live at all?

Hamas charter gets UNESCO seat-US cuts Funds,

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Hamas Charter emphatically calls for Obliteration of Isreal from world map and Unesco tells us accomodating this intact is Peace!

Aronite Thinking

What is overlooked is the fact that Palestine remains under grip of Militias and Hamas retains its Charter declaration –vowing to wipe out Israel from the map of the world-hardly a peaceful program. Hamas runs the territories from where Rocket attacks and Terror strikes occur regularly on Israeli civilians and towns. Hamas regime also couldn’t stop ethnic cleansing of Jews and Christian minorities from its areas.

EU and Nato also turns a blind eye to ride of Islamist ideologies and groups linked to al Qaeda like at Libyan Uprising, Tunisia and Egypt. France could be sowing seeds for its own nemesis soon when Islamist groups start acting along Extremist lines.

EU and US support has practically given on a platter to Iran Iraq and the doorway to a future Jihad against Israel that gets surrounded by a surge of Islamist groups with Turkish and Egyptian help.

The damage to the fragile and ill kept balance will come home to roost- all in the name of Peace and Human rights, to both of which EU has remained a mute spectator –violations against Blacks and berbers at Libya, Copts at Egypt- both getting displaced and Ethnically cleansed, persecuted by periodic violence and terrorised as minorities.

EU also didn’t bat an eyelid in this ‘support to Liberty’ that ended up seconding Jhemil’s declaration of Islamic Sharia as the basis of Post Gaddafi Libya.

Published on Nov 1, 2011 by Euronews Palestinians have welcomed the granting of full membership of UNESCO but the US has immediately decided to cancel its funding of the cultural agency.

A US law forbids it funding any UN body that admits the Palestinians before an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal is reached.

Palestinian political analyst George Giacaman said: “UNESCO membership may be a moral victory for the Palestinians but there is no political advantage. It may put Palestine on the world map but it also creates a split between Europe and the United States.”

UNESCO gives Palestinians full membership

From: Euronews | Oct 31, 2011 | 301 views The UN’s cultural agency UNESCO has given the Palestinians full membership, boosting their bid for state recognition at the United Nations.

Of 173 countries voting, 107 backed the move.

Russia, China, and France were among those voting in favour.

But Israel voted ‘no’ and said the result would harm prospects for resuming Middle East peace talks. The US, which provides 22 per cent of UNESCO’s funding, also voted against

The clumsy NATO operations and the orphaned ethnic minorities

Pressure on EU to resettle Libyan refugees

From: Euronews | Oct 31, 2011 | 77 views NGOs working with Libyan refugees are calling for more solidarity from European Union states.

They say only a handful of countries have agreed to resettle 148 people who fled the conflict in Libya.

Euronews visited the Shusha refugee camp along the Tunisia-Libya border, where about 3,700 people are still sheltering.

Somalia – the most Psychotic nation, American Springs, Awesome bombardment of Civilian areas at Sirte

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World Health Organisation declares one in three Somalians suffering from Psychosis. The rest two thirds are into Drugs and Sea Piracy and Islamist insurgency.

Somalia is famous for its Islamic Radicals as in Black Hawk landing, Al Qaeda and now Al Shabab.

Its notorious for its Sea Pirates – costing 7 Billion Dollars of shipping losses.

To that if we add genocides and the civil war, we would understand why the Nation became a basket case.

Uploaded by AlJazeeraEnglish on Oct 8, 2011

The Word Health Organization says as many as 450 million people suffer from mental disorders globally.

The continuing conflict in Somalia is having a huge impact on the mental health of many Somalis.

Dr Abdirahman Ali Habeeb, is a psychiatric nurse by training, but prefers the title doctor, says:”The bombardments, shootings and mortar shellings is what is causing the increasing number of mentally ill in Mogadishu.”

Al Jazeera’s Mohammed Adow reports from Mogadishu Somalia.

Wall Street protesters have little faith in US democracy

From: AlJazeeraEnglish | Oct 8, 2011 | 301 views

Discontent with the state of the US economy has drawn many protesters out to demonstrations in major cities in the United States.

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement that started in New York on September 17 has spread to over 90 other US cities.

As the 24-hour encampment continued in New York City on Friday, there were demonstrations around the country, including in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Chicago, Illinois; Austin and Houston, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; and Washington DC.

Some Republican politicians are criticising the movement.

Republican House Majority leader Eric Cantor called the protesters “growing mobs”.

But the protesters are not focused on the US’ traditional political system.

“We need to dictate the policy up, not policy being dictated down,” Jesse LaGreca, a protester on Wall Street, told Al Jazeera.

“We will be the leaders, and if there’s any politicianss who wanna support us in passing policies that we support, then that’s the best we to about gaining our support.”

Katie Davison, another Wall Street protester, agreed.

“A candidate is sort of the old way of doing things,” she told Al Jazeera. “We’re looking for a new way of doing things that is more participatory and more meaningful. What that looks like we’re still figuring out.”

Anthropoligist, writer and protest organiser David Graeber, told Al Jazeera why he thinks young people in the US have reached an especially frustrating point.
In making a demand, you’re essentially recognising the authority of the people who are going to carry it out,” he said.

“Our message is that the system that we have is broken. It doesn’t work. People aren’t even discussing the real problems Americans face.”

Al Jazeera’s Scott Hydler reports from New York

Gaddafi loyalists continue to fight

From: AlJazeeraEnglish | Oct 7, 2011 | 715 views

Forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi are being hemmed into an ever decreasing area of the ousted Libyan leader’s home town of Sirte.

They are surrounded in the heart of the city, being pounded by rockets, mortar shells and tank fire as National Transitional Council fighters press forward from the west, east and south.

But still, the loyalists continue to fiercely defend the seat of Gaddafi’s family and tribe.

Al Jazeera’s Zeina Khodr reports from the frontline.

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