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Colonisation of Space by Hindu Jewish Civilisations – Existential Imperative

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Hindu and Jewish civilisations enter the third millenium that would let them survive it only if they made the right choices- They must at once embark on Colonising the Space together and Militarise to defend and secure Homelands below on earth.



Both India and Israel faces an Existential threat they may or may not surmount by the close of this century or two at most.
But like Drones that defeated the Al Qaeda, since apocalyptical death cults couldn’t anticipate the advent of the scientific minds, this Space leap might hold the key.
A friend asked- are we …not abandoning the good fight and the Holy Lands dear to our two civilisations?
Perhaps not. On the contrary that might be the key to obtain Nuclear missile attack immunity- with a safety valve.
Yes- we do retreat by escaping to Space. But that also confers a Infinite Strategic Depth.
True, Islamists might over run homelands.
But you completely take their Objectives out of Equation when you colonise and disperse in Infinite Outer Space.
There are news that are only recently confirmed by Hubble and Kepler telescopes that New earth like Planets teem out there even within a radius of just 20 Light years! Thats even with present technological capacity is possible to be colonised within a century or two. When you colonise Space you simply become Immortal. Stay here- chances are 50-50 that u might become roasted in Jihadi cappuccino cofee. We might become Iranian and Pak Nuke toast. So which offers the better alternative? Hindus must stop being a Billion people centred on India alone and must spread out. Both Israel and India might run risk of getting nuked out some day. If that happens you simply become an extinct species with few Diaspora that will eventually disappear. I have thought deeply and this is The Solution. Colonising Space also makes u Space War capable- neutralises Pak or Islamic Nuke missile threat. This is what Jews and hindus must work to accelerate. The Space Star Wars superiority will ensure both Homelands safety and Future for these tow besieged entities. Space must be conquered. That will compensate our missing the Industrial Revolution and lack of Colonies that once we did have at Far East Asia. This time we have an edge. Space Colonisation will also propel India right into League of most Advanced economies. So this imperative- before demographic dividend wears out that we Hindus and with Israeli technology and pooled resources spread out as Pioneer colonisers of Space. Isavasopanishad says this on this matter- ‘All this, Vastness know the Lord Himself spread out and know my dear is for Inhabitation”.

An American guide to Indian spirituality -Meet Ganganath Hinduism Apostle

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Video streaming by Ustream

He grew up midst America’s wealthiest families.

Richy rcih kids were his buddies and a life in the fast lane.

Yet, there was this something he tells us now that he felt lacking.

There were many questions and not all had ready and easy answers he could accept as all that was the good life.

He chances the few books on Indian Mysticism.

This sets him upon a course and here is his most tocuhing story-

An American who is now a beacon of hope and light to all those who seek their harbors and a home he says that is another India.

American Indian Psychiatrist concludes ‘Secular Hindus are Nuts’

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The eminent Psychiatrist helps understand the Psycho Pathology of pseudo-secular tribe

‘Secular Hindus are Nuts

Dr Babu Suseelan is an eminent Psychiatrist and a De-Addiction therapist in America.
Besides that he is a much sough after iconic Indian spokesperson sought by Right Wing Political parties, Human Rights Forums and the Intelligence Agencies for Counter- Terrorism advice.

This is something I always suspect and was telling- and no news for informed Hindus.

That the Secular crowds in Hindus are so many Programmed Zombies and psychopaths.

Here is what Dr Babu Suseelan writes to me- that they need a Psycho Therapeutic De- Tox !

Dr Babu Suseelan-

Yes, many Indian middle class Hindus are deeply immersed in making money, promoting selfish interests and following elitists, phony harmful secularism.

Several NRI Hindus are aware of India’s problems, needs and what ought to be done to get out such a predicament. NRI Hindus are clearly aware of the problem from a distance.

It is difficult for NRI Hindus to be in India and lead a social revolution to wipe out corruption, religious conversion, border disorder, Islamic infiltration and public looting.

But we can write, send words to our friends and show the right way. Certainly our words have an impact and meaning.

Pseudo secular, apathetic Hindus who are in deep denial have to be told and retold in stronger terms to wake them up to face reality.
These psycho-programmed Zombies need a hard knock to make them realize that they need to solve these life threatening problems or they will soon wiped out.
These zombies are addicted to dangerous and phony secularism and slavery. Unless they are willing to acknowledge their addiction and become real, recovery will be slow and difficult.

Chand K Sharma another concerned Hindu writes-

The only answer is to mobilise and focus public opinion on one line aim to replace fake secularism and Gandhian worship with secularism of Hindutva and drive Congress out of power through political unification of Hindu votes.

People shall have to be motivated orally, through writings and every possible means of communication. We are Hindus first and anything else later. The concept of European type nationality has stemmed out of colonisation and imperialism. People get grouped according to the way of life they live in a particular geographical area while remaining committed to preserve local natural environment of their area and follow live and let live concept.

Public and particularly Hindus have been brainwashed by Congress propaganda to understand the realities. Their minds shall have to disinfected through facts and figures. Hindus need not remain apologetic but must assert their rights in India as the owners of India. India is neither a no man’s land nor for aggressors and deceitful infiltrators.

HRP says over 70 people have ‘Disappeared’ after extra-Judicial Custody by Malaysian ‘cops’

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HRP says over 70 gone missing after being whisked away by the Malaysian Police

More than 70 people have gone missing after they were taken away by ‘policemen’, never to be seen again, Pakatan MPs said.


More than 70 people are believed to have been abducted by “policemen”, Pakatan Rakyat MPs alleged. DAP Ipoh Barat MP M Kulasegaran said that these people were last seen led away by plainclothes “policemen”.
“Something dreadful has happened to them while on the way to police stations… they were led away in the company of people armed with the stuff of law enforcement,” he told reporters in the Parliament lobby yesterday.
Kulasegaran said that these people then disappeared, never to be seen again. He added that more than 70 separate police reports have been lodged in the last eight months with regard to the matter.
In one example, he said that “two or three men” appeared at a Gunong Rapat house near Ipoh last week.
“Claiming they were police personnel … they produced police identity papers, carried handcuffs and were armed with firearms. But they were not in uniform and arrived in unmarked vehicles,” said Kulasegaran.
He heard about the case from the couple’s family members. When he inquired about the couple’s fate at the Ipoh police station, he found out that the police did not call them in for questioning.
“They had no dealings with the police… No connections whatsoever!” said Kulasegaran.

Similar circumstances
PKR Kapar MP S Manickavasagam said that he knew of a Subang Jaya businessman who disappeared under similar circumstances in June.
“His family came to my office, and we sent a memorandum to the Inspector-General of Police (Ismail Omar), lodged three police reports, but until now he’s (still) missing,” he said.
Manickavasagam added that the businessman had not left the country as his passport was still in his house.
He added that he had heard of four similar cases through DAP Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo.
Kulasegaran filed a motion on the matter on Monday. However, it was rejected in Dewan Rakyat Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia’s Chambers yesterday.
In a letter to Kulasegaran, Pandikar Amin said that the police were investigating the matter, and did not consider the motion as urgent for debate.
A disappointed Kulasegaran said: “Contrary to the views of the Speaker, the motion should have been debated as the police could have explained the factors… why to date over 70 people have gone missing.”
“At first, we thought it was just a normal (case of) missing people. But many of them are in their 40s or their 50s.”
He suspected that many of these missing people were most likely murdered. He said that the police were also not serious in investigating these cases, saying: “When we went and lodged the police report, they themselves cannot synchronise.”


Video-Report on Missionary Misdeeds

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Evangelical Groups fast re-engineering Demography and restructuring Indian Cultural landscape into an imititative, rootless and hostile decadence

christian missionary misdeeds in India(Bad Manna )- part 1/3

From: aumprakash

An on the spot report on christian missionary misdeeds India

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