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Ariz Plane Crash video, Cheerleader media tastes its own mobocrats, Fatah Hamas bonhomie

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Arizona Plane crash webcam capture, French reporter allegedly molested-sexually assaulted at Tahrir Square by Protesters they cheered till now

Raw Video: Web Cam Captures Ariz. Plane Crash

From: AssociatedPress | Nov 24, 2011 | 8,920 views

A small airplane slammed into a sheer cliff in the mile-high mountains east of Phoenix and exploded, killing the six people onboard (Nov. 24)

Published on Nov 24, 2011 by Euronews

Two female journalists have been describing how they were sexually abused while attempting to cover the protests in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

French TV reporter Caroline Sinz told how she and her cameraman were set upon by a mob:

“We were hit, and then separated. Very few women, especially foreign, are in Tahrir Square. I was grabbed by several men and I suffered a sexual assault in front of everyone in full daylight. Other women journalists were physically attacked. It is a way to intimidate the press.”

Aronite Thinking-

Till tough guy Mubarak was around they were courting them like little princesses.

Both at Libya and Egypt the way they glorified mobs under Brotherhood control and Al Qaeda possibly, was amazing.

Cheered up- heroes! but now they want us to know they are street gangs?

Intimidation? Or is it more a fact they dont need anymore ‘useful idiots’-

Not Lenin, not Khomeni. Not Tahrir Brotherhood mobsters save a quickie Arab style. Sorry it was open show.

Thanks we got some more Islamist Revolutions.

The ‘New Page’ is an interlude of Old Page of Leon Uris- “…and all against the Jew”; mediated by Turkish Islamists and Syria so the Bros in arms will be handy to bash Israel as Iran reaches the brink –Aron

Palestinian factions aim to end rivalry

Euronews | Nov 24, 2011 | 111 views

Hamas and Fatah, the main rival Palestinian factions, said on Thursday that they have made significant progress on power-sharing.

But there was no major breakthrough in Cairo after the first meeting in six months between the two groups.

“We’ve turned a new page. There was a great deal of understanding and enthusiam for working together and we were serious about implementing, not only reconciliation but everything needed to put the Palestinian house in order,” Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal said

Floods at China and Australia force evacuations, Missouri floods Iowa breaking levees

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This year, nature and humanity both are at an upheaval everywhere

More Than 170 Dead From Flooding in China

From: AssociatedPress | Jun 15, 2011 | 1,150 views

Torrential rains are causing major flooding in central and eastern China. More than 100 people have been killed and tens of thousands evacuated from their homes by high water and landslides. (June 15)

Raw Video: Australia Floods Force Evacuations

From: AssociatedPress | Jun 15, 2011 | 1,117 views

Wild weather has forced thousands from their homes in Australia. About 1500 people were evacuated as fears the Maclay river could break it’s levee when water levels peak. (June 14)

Crews Race to Build Up Levee to Aid Iowa Town
From: AssociatedPress | Jun 14, 2011 | 974 views
Workers are racing to protect an Iowa town from the floodwaters of the Missouri River by adding several feet of dirt to a temporary levee. The situation grew worse when the river punched through a second levee, the town’s main protection. (June 14)

Newzealand Rocked by Quake aftershocks, Flights hit by Chilean Volcanic ash, Forest fires evacuation at Arizona Towns

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Newzaland is rattled by incessant after shocks causing anxiety and helplessness

Strong Quakes Rattle Stricken NZ City Again

From: AssociatedPress | Jun 13, 2011 | 1,218 views

Strong tremors shook Christchurch Monday, less than four months after a massive deadly earthquake devastated the New Zealand town. (June 13)

Raw Video: Quakes Rock New Zealand City

From: AssociatedPress | Jun 13, 2011 | 3,939 views

A series of aftershocks rattled New Zealand’s quake-devastated city of Christchurch again Monday. The city has been shaken by thousands of aftershocks since the 6.3-magnitude quake that killed 181 people on Feb. 22. (June 13)

Ash from Chilean volcano continues to disrupt flights

From: Euronews | Jun 13, 2011 | 106 views

An ash cloud from a Chilean volcano continues to cause travel disruptions in South America, but also as far away as Australia and New Zealand.

In parts of Argentina the ash has forced the closure of roads and schools, leaving a grey blanket across a wide area.

Officials say the volcano’s latest eruptions are not as high as earlier ones, down from 12,000 to 5,000 metres. However, that doesn’t mean the effect has diminished, they say, warning that no one knows what the volcano will do in the short or medium term and what the effects will be.

Fire Evacuation Order on 2 Ariz. Towns Lifted

From: AssociatedPress | Jun 12, 2011 | 720 views
Authorities are letting residents of two Arizona towns return home as some of the threat from a massive forest fire wanes. About 7,000 people in the towns of Springerville and Eagar were evacuated Tuesday and Wednesday as the fire approached. (June 12)

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