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Forest fires surround Nuclear Lab at Los Alamos, NASA peeps into live Volcano

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Nasa's satellite pee into the Volcano from outer space

Raw Video: Wildfire Burns in N.M.

From: AssociatedPress | Jun 29, 2011 | 362 views

More fire crews are arriving to help battle a wildfire that threatens the city of Los Alamos and the government nuclear lab there. (June 29)

Amazing NASA images: Satellite ‘looks’ inside erupting Nabro volcano

From: RussiaToday | Jun 28, 2011 | 8,183 views

NASA has released two stunning satellite images – among the first detailed pictures of the erupting vent and lava flows. They were acquired by the Advanced Land Imager aboard the Earth Observing-1 satellite on June 24, 2011. Since it began erupting on June 12, 2011, emissions from Eritrea’s Nabro Volcano have drifted over much of East Africa and the Middle East. Satellite remote sensing is currently the only reliable way to monitor the ongoing eruption. The bright red portions of the false-color image (top) indicate hot surfaces. Hot volcanic ash glows above the vent, located in the center of Nabro’s caldera. To the west of the vent, portions of an active lava flow (particularly the front of the flow) are also hot.

NATO Warning: Bombs may hit any place at any time!

From: RussiaToday | Jun 28, 2011 | 14,265 views

Libya’s justice minister says Tripoli is refusing to recognise the arrest warrant for Colonel Gaddafi, issued by the International Criminal Court at the Hague. Gaddafi and his closest allies are accused of ordering war crimes to be carried out against their own people. But Tripoli says the actions by the ICC are just a cover for continued NATO bombings. RT’s Maria Finoshina went to see the effects of the airstrikes on the Libyan people.

War Criminal Bashir reaches China,

Sudan Leader Bashir Arrives in China, 24-Hours Late

From: NTDTV | Jun 29, 2011 | 11 views

The leader of Sudan has finally arrived in China on a state visit. Omar al-Bashir is wanted for war crimes. The visit has been condemned by other nations as well as human rights groups. Yet Sudan is one of China’s biggest trading partners.

The Sudanese leader wanted for war crimes, Omar al-Bashir, steps down on to the tarmac in Beijing. This is the start of an official state visit.

The International Criminal Court has issued a warrant for Bashir’s arrest, relating to his involvement in genocide in Sudan’s Darfur region.

Yet the Chinese regime is not a signatory of the ICC and has long been a major economic partner of Sudan. The African nation is one of China’s largest suppliers of crude oil.

Bashir’s plane arrived 24 hours late, after several countries refused him permission to fly through their airspace, but the Chinese regime insisted the visit go ahead.

Environment – Tokyo Radiation Scan, Puyehue Volcano ash drifts to Australia, Submarines dive to check Pollution

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Extensive nationwide scan at Japan for radiation fallout

Tokyo tested for radiation levels

From: Euronews | Jun 15, 2011 | 29 views

Radiation testing has begun in Tokyo, with officials testing levels at 100 locations across the city. The capital is 240 kilometres south-west of the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant, where reactors were damaged following the earthquake and tsunami on March 11.

Ash fills the air near Puyehue volcano

From: Euronews | Jun 15, 2011 | 50 views

The massive volcanic ash cloud which is grounding flights from Argentina to Australia is proving a nuisance to locals in Chile.

Those living near the Puyehue volcano are having to live with an ash covered landscape and air borne dust particles making it difficult to breath.

However experts say there is no serious risk to health….

Submarines to explore Lake Geneva

From: Euronews | Jun 15, 2011 | 48 views

Two Russian deep sea mini submarines are to delve into the depths of Lake Geneva to assess its pollution levels.

The Mir type vessels were previously used to film the wreckage of the sunken Titanic.

Now they will begin a three month long exploration to increase understanding of the murky waters and to trace all sorts of pollutants….

Toddler latest to die in German E.coli outbreak

From: Euronews | Jun 15, 2011 | 9 views

Testing of vegetables has continued to confirm the extent of the source of the E.coli outbreak in Germany. It comes as the bacteria claimed its first child fatality -a two-year-old in the city of Hanover.

The outbreak has caused a major crisis of confidence among consumers – slashing demand for fresh produce, resulting in major losses for producers.

Ferry links resume between India and Sri Lanka

From: Euronews | Jun 15, 2011 | 22 views

Sea ferry services have resumed between India and Sri Lanka for the first time in 30 years.

The aim is to boost tourism and economic cooperation in light of the end of Sri Lanka’s civil war.

An Indian ferry carrying more than 1,000 passengers arrived at the main port of Colombo on Tuesday….

Newzealand Rocked by Quake aftershocks, Flights hit by Chilean Volcanic ash, Forest fires evacuation at Arizona Towns

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Newzaland is rattled by incessant after shocks causing anxiety and helplessness

Strong Quakes Rattle Stricken NZ City Again

From: AssociatedPress | Jun 13, 2011 | 1,218 views

Strong tremors shook Christchurch Monday, less than four months after a massive deadly earthquake devastated the New Zealand town. (June 13)

Raw Video: Quakes Rock New Zealand City

From: AssociatedPress | Jun 13, 2011 | 3,939 views

A series of aftershocks rattled New Zealand’s quake-devastated city of Christchurch again Monday. The city has been shaken by thousands of aftershocks since the 6.3-magnitude quake that killed 181 people on Feb. 22. (June 13)

Ash from Chilean volcano continues to disrupt flights

From: Euronews | Jun 13, 2011 | 106 views

An ash cloud from a Chilean volcano continues to cause travel disruptions in South America, but also as far away as Australia and New Zealand.

In parts of Argentina the ash has forced the closure of roads and schools, leaving a grey blanket across a wide area.

Officials say the volcano’s latest eruptions are not as high as earlier ones, down from 12,000 to 5,000 metres. However, that doesn’t mean the effect has diminished, they say, warning that no one knows what the volcano will do in the short or medium term and what the effects will be.

Fire Evacuation Order on 2 Ariz. Towns Lifted

From: AssociatedPress | Jun 12, 2011 | 720 views
Authorities are letting residents of two Arizona towns return home as some of the threat from a massive forest fire wanes. About 7,000 people in the towns of Springerville and Eagar were evacuated Tuesday and Wednesday as the fire approached. (June 12)

Quake aftershock rattles Newzealand, Volcano erupts in Mexico

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The Popocatepetl volcano overlooking Mexico City erupted and Newzealand was rocked by a powerful After shock

Raw Video: Mexico Volcano Blast Tower of Ash

From: AssociatedPress | Jun 4, 2011 | 5,924 views

The Popocatepetl volcano that towers over Mexico City began rumbling again Friday, shooting a blast of ash about 2 miles above its crater at dawn. The 17,886-foot mountain shook for several minutes before the ash burst out. (June 6)

Raw Video: Aftershock Rocks New Zealand City

From: AssociatedPress | Jun 6, 2011 | 304 views

An aftershock has rattled buildings in the earthquake-ravaged city of Christchurch, New Zealand. No serious damage or injuries have been reported. (June 6)

North America’s Tallest Building Up for Sale

From: AssociatedPress | Jun 3, 2011 | 3,443 views

At 110 stories, it’s the tallest building in North America, but the owners of the Willis Tower in Chicago are looking to recapitalize or sell the property. (June 3)

Raw Video: UK, French Helicopters Strike Libya

From: AssociatedPress | Jun 5, 2011 | 2,788 views

British Apache and French attack helicopters struck targets for the first time in NATO’s campaign in Libya, hitting Moammar Gadhafi’s troops near a key coastal oil town. (June 5)

Video-Volcano in action, American Storm Updates

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Raw videos capture the Stormy passover

Video of Iceland volcano eruption, giant ash clouds from Grimsvotn

From: RussiaToday | May 22, 2011 | 223,132 views

Iceland’s imposed a flight ban and closed its main airport after the country’s most active volcano, Grimsvotn, erupted. It lies under the uninhabited Vatnajokull glacier in southeast Iceland and has been dormant for 7 years. A large plume of smoke and ash is stretching 20 km into the air. Iceland’s Meteorological Office says that the eruption at the Grimsvotn volcano has been accompanied by a series of small earthquakes. Scientists have been expecting a new eruption and have said previously that this volcano’s eruption will likely be small and should not lead to the air travel chaos caused in April 2010 by ash from the Eyjafjallajokul volcano.

Raw Video: Dash Cam Catches Wisc. Tornado
From: AssociatedPress | May 25, 2011 | 1,084 views

A camera on a Lacrosse, WI city bus was rolling when a tornado came through on Sunday, May 22, 2011. No one was injured. (May 25)

Video of new violent tornado raging in Oklahoma, 8 dead

From: RussiaToday | May 25, 2011 | 5,956 views

The Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s office says at least eight people have died in severe storms that raked across the state. Spokeswoman Cherokee Ballard said Wednesday morning that at least five people, including a young child, are dead counties are located in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. Ballard didn’t have any further details. Violent storms swept through a chunk of the central U.S. late Tuesday and early Wednesday. Two deaths were also reported in Arkansas and two more in Kansas.

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