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2 Jan 2014 Courtesy Al Jazeera

A powerful explosion in the southern suburbs of the Lebanese capital Beirut – stronghold of the Shia armed group Hezbollah – has killed at least five people and left another 20 wounded.Al Jazeera’s Rula Amin, reporting from Beirut, said the explosion was a “major violation” of Hezbollah’s security in the area as it was home to many Hezbollah buildings and officials.

The New year began with bombings in Russia and now Lebanon.

This Terror strike is between Sunni and Shiite militias in retaliation to the former attacked last week- killing a cabinet minister.

Terrorists strike dual blow on Russia

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Pravda RV

Volgograd had to experience two explosions in less than 24 hours. As many as 14 people were killed in the second explosion, and the death toll may continue to rise. The explosive device blew up in a trolleybus. It was originally reported that the bomb had been placed in the trolleybus and then detonated remotely. Investigators tend to believe that it was a male suicide bomber, who exploded the trolleybus.

This is the second explosion in Volgograd from last night. The first one occurred on December 29th at the railway station. The number of victims of the attack has risen to 16 people.

Local residents stopped using public transport and walk instead. Shopping centers in the city began to close after the second explosion.

The city declared three days of mourning, all mass entertainment events timed to celebrate New Year holidays have been canceled.

Russia another Bomb attack-Islamist Terrorists blow up Bus

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Islmaists escalating the Jihad globally

Islamists served their gore as New year greetings to Russia.

In a second attack on what seems serial bombing at Volgogard.

2014 is all set to see an escalation of the Global Jihad movement.
Bodies were strewn all over the grisly scene.

Violence as a way of life seems to be normative even between Islamist groups as seen at Lebanon recently.

Such attacks would surely lead to world opinion swinging in favor of Re-evaluation of Islamic dogmas since the connection between this behavior and the Islamic scriptural verses are getting harder to deflect and deny.

“Iran behaviour Dangerous and Reckless”-Obama, Secrets of a Buried Lake in Antartica

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Obama slams Iranian Regime as Reckless and a Sponsor of Terror

Published on Oct 13, 2011 by AssociatedPress

President Barack Obama says the U.S. can support all the allegations of an alleged assassination plot against a Saudi Arabian diplomat and show the world that it was reckless behavior on the part of the Iranian government. (Oct. 13)

Obama: Iran’s ‘Reckless’ in Saudi Plot

From: AssociatedPress | Oct 13, 2011 | 306 views

President Barack Obama is turning up the heat on Iran over its alleged plot to kill the Saudi Ambassador to Washington. (Oct. 13)

Fairy Tale Romance charms the world

Bhutan King Marries in Elaborate Ceremony

From: AssociatedPress | Oct 13, 2011 | 4,628 views
The King of the tiny Himalayan nation of Bhutan married his commoner bride in an elaborate Buddhist ceremony Thursday. (Oct. 13)

euronews science / Buried lake in Antarctica

From: Euronews | Oct 13, 2011 | 108 views An ancient lake hidden deep beneath West Antarctica’s ice sheet may reveal vital clues about climate change and future sea level rises, and uncover new forms of life, according to a group of UK engineers and scientists.
(less info)

Al Shabab Bomb attack at Somalia- 70 dead, Model Plane Plotter Rizwan piled Grenades and Machine guns

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Al Shabab the Somali wing of Al Qaeda killed atleast 70 and wounded hundreds in a deadly bomb attack at Mogadishu. Elsewhere bleeding hearts greased the Trial for 2 Plotters in America- Under wear bomber and the Model Plane 9/11 schemer who was caught with Machine guns and Grenades.

Islamist militants detonated a truck bomb Tuesday in front of the education ministry in Somalia’s capital, killing at least 70 people and wounding dozens, a rescue official said. (Oct. 4)

Graphic: Video of deadly Somalia car bomb blast site, over 70 killed

From: RussiaToday | Oct 4, 2011 | 310 views

A huge car bomb has exploded outside a government building in the Somali capital Mogadishu, killing at least 70 and wounding dozens. The explosion went off near the Ministry of Education where students were reportedly sitting for a foreign scholarship examination. Eye-witnesses say an unidentified vehicle was used to carry out the attack. Al Shabaab insurgents, which have links to Al-Qaeda, said they were behind the assault

Man Charged in Terror Plot Pleads Not Guilty
From: AssociatedPress | Oct 3, 2011 | 304 views
A Massachusetts man pleaded not guilty to plotting to fly explosives-packed remote-controlled model planes into the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol. Rezwan Fernaus was arrested Wednesday. (Oct. 3)

Trial Set to Begin for Underwear Bomber

From: AssociatedPress | Oct 3, 2011 | 364 views

Jury selection begins this week for the trial of the failed Christmas day bombing of flight 253 to Detroit. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the so-called underwear bomber, is said to be defending himself in the case. (Oct. 3)

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