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Al Jazeera’s Spotlight on Malysia’s Discrimination and Racist slide

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Malaysia is increasingly seen as sliding into a Racist and Theocratic Fascist political system

Aronite Thinking welcomes Al jazeera’s spotlighting on Malaysia’s increasing Islamisation drive that is edging out the non-Muslim and ethnic minorities.

The slide into a racist and Theocratic fascist state is catching the attention of Human Rights watchers and observers.

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Videoflash-Malaysia cracks down on Hindu Protesters

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Malaysia is systematically abusing its Minorities and actvists protesting excesses

April 14th

A petition regarding land grab and denial of title deeds is seen put down with police brutality.

Reports from citizen journalists and Malasiakani channel indicate the relentless crackdown on Malaysia’s pro-Rights groups have taken a violent turn.

Online posts of manhandling of HRP activists are pouring in.

Recently the Geneva watch dog of Human Rights Observatory and American Senators have taken issues with the Malaysian government.

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