Subramaniam Swamy’s Speech at Bangalore- On India and Corruption

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Subramaniam Swamy on India and Corruption at Bangalore

The visiting Harvard Professor of Economics and iconic Politcian spoke at Youth against Corruption meet in Bangalore.

Dr Swamy dealt with Corruption and its deleiterous effects on Indian economy and culture besides other issues facing India.

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[ video] Dr. Swamy talking about corruption in a programme organised by Youth Against Corruption, Karnataka in Bangalore

  1. Mr. Swamy , I am a great admirer of as a CRUSADER aganst corruption in India and how to minimise it.
    Also i greatly appreciate when you urge people to add spiritual values along with materialistic earnings.
    BUT I have objection when you confine the spiritualism to HINDUISM only !!!!!!! With purely HINDU ideology , there will be creatrion of a 3rd RELIGIOUS WAR FRONT IN THE WORLD !!!!!
    Follower of any faith can be a true spiritual , humane person . Isn’t this basic spiritual philosophy , the gist of any world religion ??????? A terrorist ( Not spiritual humane and sane person ) made a comment that India is not 100% Islamic. BUT HE HIMSELF CAN NOT BE A TRUE MUSLIM. PLEASE DONT MIX TERRORISM AND RELIGiON!!!!
    Definitively, the history which is taught in schools and colleges is distorted, full of lacunae… that nation will never understand the game of Powerful politicians and obviously it is written by people in power for majority of Independent Indian period post 1947.

    Do you know , who stood against the barbarian conversions by Mughal emperors ????? Who gave the supreme sacrifice so that at the end of Mughal era also , in our country they remained minority????
    Please find that out also …. And please be a promoter of true spiritualism and not only of HINDUISM.
    Anyway, I am still a great admirer of your courageous acts against powerful corrupt politicians.

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