Steve Jobs-The Zen of Beginning which is in the End

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Steve Jobs was an enigma to those who miss to look up at what changed the course of his life. A visit to India and his own Redefinition of Life as a result - behind the facade of the rags to riches legend, could well be the making of a Zen Apprentice to mastery of Life transcending its illusions with a deceptive double life we little know.

The achievement of great material success requires an unlimited capacity for self-delusion and rationalization. Zen Sutras

Steve was born at Sanfransisco to John Jandali, a Syrian Muslim immigrant and Swiss student Jihan Scheible in February 24, 1955.

Adopted by a Californian family – Paul and Clara Jobs living in Mountain View.
Obviously, the story tells us he was an unwanted child and had parental rejection- his maternal side didn’t agree their Swiss girl marrying a Syrian Muslim.
He also has a sister who is the famous novelist Mona Simpson from her another marriage.
No wonder when his dad came to own his son, Steve didn’t respond.
We see what this Syrian dad did later- he leaked his medical report of pancreatic cancer to press.
If you want to understand why-
Job had to go through pretty good hardship at school.
He earned food by moving trash and empty coke crates.
Slept at the floor of some friend at hostel, attended evening classes and later got hired by Hewlett Packard.

There are number of variants of this story.

That starving Jobs had to walk miles to reach the Hare Krishna free kitchens to get his single full square meal at other side New York.
Whether it is Hare Krishna or not, like many Californians Jobs took to a spiritual Quest in India.

It seems he worked around 1974 with some Video games firm to just save enough money to visit the Indian Retreat of Neem Karoli Baba.
Many American icons like Roger Hodgson were his devotees.

At any rate he is reported to have assumed the typical dress habits of such East turners, and with a shaved head walking bare foot.
At any rate Jobs did what was normative of Californians of his times.

What he did next then would leave a mark upon history.
Teaming with another friend he made during his Spiritual Retreat in India, Steve Wozniak they would found the Computer maker Apple.
By 1983 Apple had become big enough for him to persuade the CEO of Coke to come over to Apple- in that infamous line- “Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?”
So we have a Spiritual seeker who returns wrongly described as a ‘Buddhist’ but so unlike Buddhist escape from life to Nirvana, Steve takes his obscure persona with a troubled childhood and destitution, along with a fledgling firm into a formidable Blue chip company that would urge Coke CEO to quit being a lemonade seller and ‘change the world’ with his gizmos.
That remarkable and a restatement of spirituality,
This is what offends both the God boo boo tribe and the have nots pleader snobs, an altogether incomprehensible guy- who seeks escape in another direction and world and returns to change direction the very same materialist world he fleed.
From Nirvana and renunciation to the good life Redefined is a bit of leap they don’t follow.
Especially when it is a tough task boss driving you nuts-

People often need an authority figure to tell them what they already know. Zen.
When you don’t understand the thing, then does the next easier thing- hate?
So petty things his colleagues and hired hands bitched about this incomprehensible visionary becomes a part of Steve Jobs obituaries and story.
He falls out of Sculley the Apple co founder and exits Apple.
He founds another company Next Computer.
His innovations were all high end, but most write-ups fail to mention why?
Because they were made for the Cutting edge folk- academic researchers and scientists.
Later Apple would simply gobble those projects- along with Next Computer and apply them to her Apple and i Tune store and mobile me.
So that was quite a trail blazer and remarkably vindicates his visionary pursuits.

Jobs then buys the firm Pixar a digital workstation and kick starts the Digital animation film era.
The Toys, The Incredible, Finding Nemo and the Toy Story trilogy.
Naturally Jobs became the largest single share holder of Walt Disney!
Note also that when Apple bought the Next Computers he is back with the company he had co founded-The Apple.
The thing to note is that he had a confrontation with environmentalists about e-waste dumping but later he made Recycling a company policy with all its products.
When the news of his ill health was leaked in august 2011, the shares dropped 5%.
Walt Disney where he is a Director holding most shares also dropped that day.
Which reflects the share holder esteem and confidence-was with Jobs and not the sole health of the books of mighty mammoths?
He owned 5 million shares in Apple and 130 million of Walt Disney that Forbes says was worth over 8 Billion dollars – the 42nd richest man.
If you want to understand the depth of both depravity and indicator of the level of envy-
Steve owned some over 300 Patents to innovations and inventive products.
What they hate most was- he didn’t endorse Charity.
Steve abolished all Social programs at his companies.
Being a practicing Zen Buddhist, that means he was firm in his convictions.
Which might be actually due to his experience of hardships in early life- and the faith in making people work hard towards dreams? Not just simple selfishness.
Note his stock money is just nominal – unless they’re sold and the minute he does it they will crash.
There is not much there to show he did sell.
At 1 Dollar pay at Apple as a CEO- which he explained was 50 cents each for the job and performance, the money he refused to throw away to philanthropy must be due to his strong conviction in self making of man’s destiny.
“There’s big money in helping people avoid facing reality and/or responsibility” says the Zen sutras.
So why would he give to charity against what he knows is real?
“Team, it turned out that Michael Dell wasn’t perfect at predicting the future. Based on today’s stock market close, Apple is worth more than Dell. Stocks go up and down, and things may be different tomorrow, but I thought it was worth a moment of reflection today”. Steve

That email was a tit for tat for Dell telling he would’ve sold the company and given back the money to share holders- meaning it wasn’t worth investing in Jobs ideas.
As early as 1982, he was the machine of the year in Times’ Cover, the most admired entrepreneur for Fortune magazine, and ranked 17th in the list of most powerful people in the world.
He had a successful marriage for 20 years and is survived by wife and 3 children besides another kid through a former affair.

In short Steve was edifying in all respects for the man of the world, with enough firmness of vision and integrity of convictions- which presented a contradiction in it-
That made understanding this man not so easy- – of envy for his success, and incomprehension of his convictions, the relentless pursuit of objectives with a singular drive and ruthless at that to others.

Not so inexplicable when you hear the Zen-
Many a lifetime is wasted between “good enough” and “perfect.”

The contradiction of later good life as its icon and his past penury, and the combination of the Zen of the Chips and Wall Street with the Zen of the East like a Samurai.
“The three great struggles of the individual: Identity – Who am I (against consumerism)?; Meaning – What am I (against nihilism)?, and Reality – What is true (against cognitive dissonance)?”
Says Zen sutra.
There are many levels of Zen.
The less advanced are not given the tasks of the Higher Apprentices-
Such as Zen masters running a Brothel.
The displayed Contradiction is the exactitude of inner Perfection.
The Sutras help you with this-
“The first rule for being successful by conventional standards is not to question success by conventional standards”.

In only one thing he made the master stroke that almost teases us with a clue to the inner man-
He fell short of Life.
As though all this good life was a bubble- and the best way to show it is-
To live it.
Maybe that’s what he discovered at the Himalayas where he began this trek?
Not as we imagine some American hippie rotating Prayer wheels smoking pipe at a remote hill retreat.
Steve Jobs-The Apprentice of Higher Zen.
His story could be the making of a Zen Master.

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