A Sidha in South India – Hindu seekers of blessings do milk showering

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Each year, on April 14th, New Year’s Day in Tamil Nadu, thousands of people go to a sacred mountain called Mahadevamalai (Great God Mountain) where a Mahasiddha has lived in a cave for the past nine years. They reason that they go there is to perform abishek, the pouring of milk or water over the saint’s head. Maha Ananda Siddha used to be a wealthy business man. Then, one night, Shiva appeared in his bedroom, sat upon his bed, and told him to give up his wealth and go live in a cave in Tamil Nadu. Once he arrived at the cave, Shiva told him how to live there. He told him to stop cutting his hair, to cover his body in ash, to wear only a small cloth around his waist, to stop eating and drinking and to lie down in fire to absorb prana (energy) directly from the fire. Shiva also told him that his job is to care for and protect anyone who comes to that mountain. Maha Ananda Siddha is not a guru. He does not teach anything but he does offer profound blessings and always for free.


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