Are we heading towards a Christian India ? by Francois Gautier

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The Sonia Gandhi regime had been unabashedly Christian in content and delivery

François Gautier

I am a westerner and a born Christian. I was mainly brought up in catholic schools, my uncle, Father Guy Gautier, a gem of a man, was the parish head of the beautiful Saint Jean de Montmartre church in Paris ; my father, Jacques Gautier, a famous artist in France, and a truly good person if there ever was one, was a fervent catholic all his life, went to church nearly every day and lived by his Christian values. There are certain concepts in Christianity I am proud of : charity for others, the equality of system in many western countries, Christ’s message of love and compassion….

Yet, I am a little uneasy when I see how much Christianity is taking over India under the reign of Sonia Gandhi :

according to a 2001 census, there are about 2.34 million Christians in India ; not even 2,5% of the nation, a negligible amount.

Yet there are today five Christian Chief ministers in Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.

One should add that the majority of politicians in Sonia Gandhi’s closed circle are either Christians or Muslims. She seems to have no confidence in Hindus.

Ambika Soni, a Christian, is General Secretary of the Congress and a very powerful person, with close access to Sonia Gandhi. Oscar Fernandes is Union Programme Implementation Minister. Margaret Alwa is the eminence grise of Maharasthra.

Karnataka is virtually controlled by AK Anthony, whose secretaries are all from the Southern Christian association. Valson Thampu, a Hindu hater, is Chairman NCERT curriculum Review Committee, John Dayal, another known Hindu baiter, has been named by Sonia Gandhi in the National Integration Council ; and Kancha Ilaya, who hates Hindus, is being allowed by the Indian Government to lobby with the UN and US Congress so that caste discrimination in India is taken-up by these bodies. ( One can also add to list Ajit jogi, and Digvijay Singh both christian converts & also Pranoy Roy, his niece Arundhati ‘suzanna’ roy )

I have nothing personnally against Sonia Gandhi, in fact she probably is a good person to win the alliegance of so many and certainly a loving mother . I share with her a love for India, like her I have lived in this country for over 30 years and like her I have married an Indian. But nevertheless, since she is at the top, Christian conversions in India seem to have gone in overdrive.

More than 4,000 foreign Christian missionaries are involved in conversion activities across different states. In Tripura, there were no Christians at independence, there are 120.000 today, a 90% increase since 1991. The figures are even more striking in Arunachal Pradesh, where there were only 1710 Christians in 1961, but 1,2 million today, as well as 780 churches! In Andhra Pradesh, churches are coming-up every day in far flung villages and there was even an attempt to set-up one near Tirupati. Many of the North-East separatist movements, such as the Mizo or the Bodos, are not only Christian dominated, but also sometimes function with the covert backing of the missionaries.

In Kerala, particularly in the poor coastal districts, you find “miracle boxes” put in local churches: the gullible villager writes out a paper mentionning his wish: a fising boat, a loan for a pukka house, fees for the son’s schooling… And lo, a few weeks later, the miracle happens ! And of course the whole family converts, making others in the village follow suit. During the Tsunami, entire dalit villages in Tamil Nadu were converted to Christianity with the lure of money.

It is true that there have been a few backlashes against missionnaries and nuns, particularly the gruesome muder of Staines and his two sons. But Belgium historian Konenraad Elst laments that « When over a thousand Hindus are killed and a quarter million Hindus ethnically cleansed in Kashmir, the world media doesn’t even notice, but watch the worldwide hue and cry when a few local riots take place and a few missionaries are killed by unidentified tribal miscreants. Christian Naga terrorists have been killing non-Christians for decades on end, and this has never been an issue with the world media, except to bewail the “oppression” of the Nagas by “Hindu India” .

More than 20,000 people have lost their lives to insurgency in Assam and Manipur in the past two decades. As recently as last week, four paramilitary Assam Rifles soldiers were killed in an ambush yesterday by the outlawed United National Liberation Front (UNLF).

The other day I was at the Madras Medical center, the foremost heart hospital in Madras. Right when you enter the lobby, you find a chapel, inviting everybody to pray, there are pictures and quotations of Christ everywhere and a priest visits all the patients, without being invited at all. Educational institutes and orphanages run by Christian organisations have become big business in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and other states.

In Pondichery, where I am often, schools run by Adventists force their pupils, mostly Hindus, to say Christian prayers every day and attend mass. They are constantly fed anti Hindu slogans and biases under different forms, whether it is in history books, or discourses by priests during religious classes. Even in the elite schools or colleges, such as Saint Stephen in Delhi, Saint Xavier in Calcutta or Loyola college in Madras, where no direct proletization is attempted, Hindu pupils are subtly encouraged towards skepticism of their own religion, and admiration of whatever is Western.

One should also say that it’s a one way traffic : remember the furore when MM Joshi wanted the Saraswati hymn to be sung at a Chief Ministers’ meet on education ? And imagine the uproar in secular India if portions of the Bhagavad Gita, this Bible for all humanity, were read at the beginning of the day in public schools ?

Sonia Gandhi said during the last National Integration Council meeting : “We are committed to ideological battle against communal forces which seek to destroy our diversity and polarise us. Certain parties promote polarisation and confrontation. And there are certain regimes in India which promote communalism.

But is not actually the Congress under Mrs Gandhi, which is promoting communalism, by insidiously installing Christians and Muslims (and Marxists) everywhere, propping up Christian states, allowing a free hand too missionnaries and pressing for reservations for Christian Dalits and Muslims, as recently done in AP, in a nation of 850 million Hindus ?

In my country, France, a Christian majority nation , it would be unthinkable to have Hindus – or even Indian born French for that matter – in so many positions of power. Impossible also to find a non-elected, non French, non-Christian person being the absolute ruler of the country behind the scene as Sonia Gandhi is in India.

Indians like to say that the greatness of India is that it accepts a foreigner and a Christian like Sonia Gandhi.

But is’nt it rather a weakness, and an aberration ?

Can’t we find a worthy leader amongst one billion Indians ? This is an India where you see today Swami Avimukteshwarananda Saraswati of Dwarka Peeth, made to disembark from an Indian Airlines flight for carrying his holy dand, a thin bamboo stick which is a symbol of their spiritual designation, inside the aircraft cabin.

Are we heading then towards a Christian India under Sonia Gandhi’s helm? It would be a tremendous loss not only to India, but also to the world. For in India, you find the only living spirituality left on this planet.

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  1. The Christian Missionaries and the Christian followers are delighted and willing to remain satisfied in their own imaginary world. No one can help them. No one can help such persons who want to mould the truth to their whims and fancies rather than themselves moulding to the truth. The gains and losses of whithering away from truth are purely individual. That is why God himself has uttered – NEITHER YOU CAN DO ANYTHING FOR THE WORLD, NOR THE WORLD WILL DO ANYTHING FOR YOU; YOU CAN DO ONLY ONE THING – YOUR OWN WELFARE.
    So let go all these missionaries etc . to the hell and attain the ultimate for yourself!!

  2. “I have nothing personnally against Sonia Gandhi, in fact she probably is a good person to win the alliegance of so many and certainly a loving mother . I share with her a love for India, like her I have lived in this country for over 30 years and like her I have married an Indian. But nevertheless, since she is at the top, Christian conversions in India seem to have gone in overdrive.”

    With everything written in this article, I don’t think she is agood person; and for sure she does not love India. She is out there to exploit India and to persue her own agenda. Pathetic…

  3. yes there are certain facts, but I am not convinced with them completely

  4. Before reading this article for the last many years, I believed these facts and while talking with friends, I used to point out about the christian circle around Rajiv’s widow. I thing that woman alone cannot be doing these, but there may be some one else getting these done by her. While electioneering in north India, she and her offspring are given make up to look like ardent hindus (to the hindu population) with a long ’tilak’ on forehead.

  5. “Christian Naga terrorists have been killing non-
    Christians for decades on end, and this has
    never been an issue with the world media,
    except to bewail the “oppression” of the Nagas
    by “Hindu India” .”

    What a joke..
    You seem to have no true knowledge about Naga issue..
    First of all Nagaland is not a part of India.Yup you heard that right!!
    India forcefully occupied it..
    Indian Army burnt down Naga villages, tortured people, rape women and commited many serious crimes against Naga people.
    You expect us to sit back. We hit back!!!
    Btw not on Hindu civilians but on the srcurity forces..
    Hindu people are not treated badly here in Nagaland alright.. Come and see youself!!

    The most important thing ———
    You seem like a Hindu fanatic not a French..
    I wish there were no hindus like you coz my Hindu friends are not like you at all.
    They are sweet and so nice..
    I hang around with Hindus a lot in my place and they are not like you, you ass..

    I wish Hindus like you die in hell..

    Long live free Nagaland!!

    • Hindu people are not treated badly here in Nagaland alright.. Come and see yourself!!

      Yes we saw plenty of that in civilian massacres and ultimatums issued to hindu migrants to pack up and leave.
      You write-
      “The most important thing ———
      You seem like a Hindu fanatic not a French..

      I wish Hindus like you die in hell..”

      And what kind of a fanatic would wish people to die in hell?

      We thought people die and go to hell?

      Maybe you long to create that Hell in Nagaland and want people who wont agree with Christian seperatism.

      In that case its possible to ‘die in hell and live in hell too,such Fascist states like Ustashi regime run by christian clergymen.

      You are right most Hindus dont put things bluntly and kiss boots such as evangelist nuts and terrorist thugs.

      Iam sorry Iam neither French nor that kind of wishy washy ignoramuses.

      Tribals in third world countries are told the same thing.

      That they dont belong to mainstream society and are original owners of the place and must part ways-

      So that the world Council of churches will run that place with stooges like yourself who will hand over the Naga society to a bunch of pedophile priests who are discredited in the West.

      Nagas figure in Indian epics such as Mahabharata and even Ramayan, and are an inseparable part of the ancient Nation and society that is India.

      They have nothing to do with a Dead man’s flesh eating and blood drinking cannibalistic creed imposed on them from Roman empire.

      For a complete list of atrocities done to Hindus and civilians by Naga Militias prompted by Church agenda just google search.

      I dont wish you die in hell or heavan. You are already a schizo who imagines himself as a hier to a Ghost cult that was sent by Colonialists who swept away Indigenous cultures world over- just read Spanish conquistadors and the wipe out of Americans- the Incans, Aztecs, peruvians, mexicans and Australian aborigines.

      Its a shame you relish the uprooting of your tribal roots. At Peru recently they removed the statues of the Spaniard thugs from plazas.

      They have returned to their pre-christian roots.

      You?….lick boots that kicked and destroyed your roots and turn against your own Past which is that of the ancient Tribal culture part and parcel of India.

    • Non-christians will burn in hell-nice religion you have that turns you to such sadist psychopathy. Nice wish you have-typical of every fanatic.

      • He has a point. The initial atrocities he referred to are right. The Indian State is responsible for the fighting in Nagaland, more in the manner they took over than that they took over. I ask the same question again – you supercede religion over human being here. Is that your intention? The situation is complicated and must be understood factually and isolatedly. I am not defending the response of either side. I am defending that no one is perfect, there is hurt and there is motive either driven by hurt of a state’s intentions or violence caused in response to that. Hatred back doesn’t solve anything. It only gives boiled blood which only needs to be fed more and more.

      • We cant ignore the geo-politics of church- particularly world council of churches whose minutae are available that show this North east insurgency was its brain child and not some ‘human’ conflict that occurs due to genuine grievances.It is a well known historical fact that Vatican and WCC were colluding with CIA to sponsor insurrections in Third world countries to counter spread of communism. For instance Liberation theology begot Liberation Tigers at SriLanka another vicious cycle of ethnic strife and seperatism.Also your equivocation of Insurrections and state measures are universal- insurrections always provoke a State brutality and use this as a propoganda justification. Today stratgey analysts emphasize on not cessation of anti-insurgency measures but minimise collateral casualties denying psychological advantage. North east insurgency is a result of evangelist political indoctrination against tribal joining of Indian national mainstream.WCC has openly called for a christian state of greater nagaland and mizoram- which it believes will be pro-western and anti-communist china.In this historically they are wrong- most church driven inurgencies have spun out of control and descended to anarchy and pro-communism.This abandoned doctrine however still has church backing unfortunately -though ecumenical disowning of Liberation theology is official.

      • Before the insurrection, the state committed its atrocities. You have to take into account that as well. I do not understand where the historical facts you speak of come from, but I still wonder as I do about other similar arguments, what the Vatican would gain in the process? Is your problem that people are becoming Christians or that the Vatican, WCC and other church bodies are simply making a case for their brethren in faith? I don’t understand yet how you judge motives unless so easily. Actions, though, I can understand.

  6. Why is religion spread even a bother? All the people you mentioned are people first then followers of their faith. Is it not the right of people to choose their belief? Secondly, what is the issue with conversion? People are not supposed to convert? What is the issue is more people are converting unless conversion is a crime? Also, you made certain statements stating that Christian institutions make it mandatory for non-Christian students to follow Christian practices? I agree with those points and similar ones. Asking people to follow Hindu practices across the board would be an equivalent error on your part. Yes?

    A Christian

    • Asking people to follow Hindu practices across the board would be an equivalent error on your part. Yes?
      No. They would be ‘free’ as people u mention to follow whatever by their free choice than the imposition of christian system upon them-which is what the issue here. So where comes any objection to christians practising their own values, but only when they takeup an aggressive imposition upon non-christians in their instituitions? why do you expect non-christians to acquiesce with christian practises and faith?especially when you say their ‘free’ following of their own choice seems inequitous to you as a christian!

      • I was asking about that, not implying a point. So you’re in favour of a secular nation yes with no imposition? I said I was not for imposition of Christian practices or any other religious practices. If you have a Christian school or a Hindu school, you may have your religious practices and if you say that every child must take part in them, not agreeing to which you shouldn’t join the school. That would make it them a religious institution and much less a school.

      • Absolutely. It is better to leave matters of faith to families.Ofcourse one can always incorporate some moral and ethical values without denominational bias and in a general way-no liberal should object to that unless we want our kids to go amoral or immoral.But with Christian run schools its almost as though it were an extended arm of the evangelical pulpits.Even this is okay for me when its done to their christian pupils- but just check the stories- they are thrust on non-christians and quite aggressively. On top of that a certain scorn and disdain for non-christian faiths turns it into a sort of bootcamp for zealots.

      • Every society has its aberrants. We don’t rightly judge anything by its abuse. We wouldn’t be rightly judging it if we did. Not to mention the fact Hindus, in institutions or not, doing otherwise, if you want to take the argument there.

  7. We dont judge anything by its abuse? and why not? maybe you meant we dont ‘only by’ its abuse and exceptions. But with Vatican its been the norm to do horrific stuff and then later exonerate itself with an apoligia-like Pope John Paul’s long list of sins of zeal.Also you put it mildly when you say its solidarity with fellow faithfuls. Actually there is enough documentation that insurrection movements,political subversions were long established vatican policies in action. Even the Popes never hid their right to ‘fight’ godless communism when confronted with their prop up of fascist dictatorships.Also we are not judging the instituition here-but exactly its abuses- in this case Insurrectionist movements targeting a third nation.North East is just one among so many others like at South America, in tandem with successive American establishments. This doesnt mean church did no such business with communist bloc. There is a well researched book by an ex vatican cardinal how Vatican back stabbed America and slept with Communists in vietnam and south east asia. Have you heard about catholic clergy run Jasanovac concentration camps in Yugaslavia? The track record on human rights abuse cant be matched with anything Hindus have ever done, in or outside instituitions. Also Hindus have no such organised entity and have no such matching global reach or allies. North east seperatism didnt spring from any abuse of an Indian state-but from the drawing boards of vatican western strategists. First they evangleised and obtained demographic superiority and mass hold-then ‘educated’ them systematically to view the Indians as the Other, and sponsored it on ground with CIA funds.Sadly, when that took wings other daddys stepped in-and now Red China via ISi is holding the steering wheel. This happened in most such church bungled ultra leftist insurrections-till vatican disowned and threw out Liberation theologists, though thats just official news.

    • I’m well aware of the Vatican’s inclination for political ambitions but I personally doubt that are in that business now. There was a time when it made sense to do so. And they have also self-dodged their official stands, with victims as you have mentioned of course, many a time. I wouldn’t really drag that history into the fact that Christianity is growing in the North-East and that it proves they are funding the trouble there. One can derive it, but it will be a far-fetched derivation. I mean the Vatican the institution.

      There also the factors of oppression. You say it isn’t so much so, but the North-East were an oppressed lot first before they revolted. It is also a big factor.

      I meant you judge a system by both -its right use and its abuse.

      What is troubling you though? The fact that Christianity is spreading in those areas or what is (supposedly) causing its spread? If the reason for your concern is the manner of the spread, are your grounds of opposition humanitarian/freedom of expression oriented? If it is the spread itself, it should be perfectly ok because a much larger bunch of them actually are Christians. I’m not sure about your Vatican theory; I’d say they’ve given up on that and if they haven’t yet, some control over the Indian State won’t help their supposed power tactics. Maybe in South America and such places, yes.

      I want to know what’s really itching. Really Really.

      • If you want a honest answer-here it is-and you may believe me or not. Iam absolutely at ease and at comfort level best with christians. Christians I strongly believe will be not at all a threat or enemy to hinduism or hindus.They are not islamists.Most of christian world I know is already through what is now called-Post christian void. Churches are fast redifining themselves, and despite this Pope with nazi youth connections’ attempts to take back slides to rigid doctrines, by and large christians in the west and free world are as liberal and freedom loving as you can get. The problem is not christianity as we know it here in the west, but churchianity of medievalist kind that hasnt changed much in India. Its political and very recieved wisdom, much injurious to the native converts. they are Literalists and lightyears away from their counter part christian intellectual atmosphere. The christian laity and bulk of its clerics in India are medievalist and colonial.They are incapable of anything of the sort my friends in church circles are demanding and remarkably going about as reformists abroad. Indian christianity is a case study of time warped entrapment in dependency. There is also another element I confess- most chrsitandom is positively receptive towards hinduism. with that level of goodwill and readiness to embrace hindu doctrines and practises, no hindu should have any problems. So where comes question at all about being ‘concerned’ about christianity’s spread here? when its almost vanishing in its strongholds of western europe and now even in america? No, its not a concern.What bothers is the Indian church’s hold on converts’ minds and the heavy dependency and indoctrination against ‘pagans’ and the indian mainstream. Your repetitive assertion of Indian state was atrocious towards christian north east- is like egg or the chicken before joke. The whole mess you concede partially but fail to see is church misguidance and extraneous policies. thanks for your comments.

      • You are referring to Christianity as a social system primarily, that conveniently sits in with present say Indian culture. It’s essentially a religious belief which it holds to be the truth. Call it narrow minded, but that is what it is. It does not teach that all gods are one and I’m not sure where the acceptance of Hinduism comes in within it. The Christianity you’d like to see (so it seems) is an appeasing one that sits well with everyone. Correct me if I am wrong but here’s the heartbreaker – The Bible, which it believes to be the Word of God says no such thing. If the Bible doesn’t say it, I don’t know how all that can be true. It does not have anything against Indian culture; rather, it has merged with culture with forms of services and music that is a part of the growing church in India. There is more than just the mainstream organised church that does exist that really can’t do the alleged politics that you’re saying the Catholic Church and the WCC is indulging in. I still don’t understand what the gain would be from it unless there are vested interests in those areas or if it’s a certain form of quiet fanaticism.

        As for ‘pagans’, the Bible teaches that pagan beliefs are wrong. That is one of the tenets of the Christian Faith in isolation – the first step to understanding in any further context. It is an independent belief of the faith. Not one inserted in to cause trouble with other faiths. It’s perfectly alright as long as I believe it and not assert it and therefore be disrespectful to other faiths. Such is the case. Do you want that the tenets of the faith be changed to please everyone else who doesn’t believe in them? What’s the point in faith then? We can create one on demand. Why create any at all then?

        About the whole situation concerning the state’s atrocities and the people’s reaction, answer me this question: if the state had not committed those atrocities, would the situation thus have erupted? If your figures show that the states in question experienced a growth after incident, you mean to say that the church started its agenda capitalising on the crimes the state committed? If no, that was the original reason for the hitback, yes? If that is the case, if there was indeed a large number of Christians whom are the people who have been affected, it is only sociologically obvious that the enlarged Christian community from the state that they form will be a major part of the hitback.

        And your theory on the Church’s policies is based on previous behaviour. While reason would lead me to concede that it is a possibility, it does not allow me to effectively conclude so. I am not able to yet see an incentive like when they did it with nations before. In the countries they are doing it in now as well, power is a very improbable motive. We don’t live in the l6th century yet where everyone does things to get the Pope’s approval first. Even the Pope himself eventually concedes to people’s approval when he goes a step too far. The reason their influence still maybe strong in those countries is that they have a Catholic majority population. That, in the politics of today, cannot amount to behind the scenes policy seizure by the Church – unless you want to always judge their present character by their worst actions of the past.

  8. Without a deep knowledge of what the country is please stop your petty arguments. Your statements are streotypes in their foremost and fit as storylines for FAMILY GUY episodes. We know better of our country than you foreigners. If France doesn’t experience such power dynamics it speaks of the ill-fated secularism and democracy in your country. Do not try to force your ideologies on the balanced and supreme constitutional traditions of India. We do not need people from outside to preach us what to do. We are the masters of our own destiny and our age old traditions have thought us the way to handle things. Christian educational instutions conducting Christian prayers, Hindu schools reciting slokas and Muslin institutions having their prayers are common elsewhere in the country. Yet these haven’t changed the mental fabric of the people at large and they continue to be who they are. How do you expect an institution calling itself as affiliated to a particular religion to adopt a secular policy. They do not force children of other religion to be enrolled in theirs then how can you blame them. If someone makes public his profession of faith why is he to blame to reveal what he is to the society. Without a clear scholarly consensus do not boldly take up a subject for talk. It would only demean your intellect and draw disrespect for your article.

    • You therefore justify organised and well funded ‘charitable’ works that are admitted by themselves to evangelise and obtain converts among poor and downtrodden in third world countries? Statistics show such educational activities ended up engineering demographic changes as in North east-from 5% decades ago to 90% today.The fallout is also telling- edged by world chritsian bodies an insurrection and seperatism that had cost 100s of thousands of innocent lives.Christian missionary activities are acknowledged world over as a subversive arm of imperial interests.maybe you love to remain naive about it.

  9. Please answer these questions:
    1) What about the Hindu schools that force the children to recite slokas every morning,perform friday pujas and everything else Hindu(eg theRAMAKRISHNA MISSION schools)
    2)Please do understand that Christianity was instituted in India far before in Europe and hence is essentially an Indian religion
    3)Without a knowledge of what’s happening in SriLanka refrain further from speaking on it. If you wish it I could discuss it seperately
    4)Even if Christianity was introduced by Europeans as per your arrogant unscholarly stance is a foreign religion then how do you call the Hindu religion of the Aryan invaders which established itself by crushing the native shaman beliefs a pride of the land?

    • Aryan invasion is now debunked and exposed of as an imperial hoax history.
      The introduction of Christinaity is well dpocumented world wide- with shiploads of jesuits and marauder missionaries who wiped out many native populations robbing them all thier lands and settling whites- which is white man’s burden.
      India was no exception and the story of Thomas an apostle of jesus introducing christianity is a coverup of this global christian Imperial expansion and genoicde of native pagans.
      You just state a lot of assertions as though factual- Lankan civil war had the world council of churches sponsoring LTTE faction quite openly. You provide nothing this documented history.
      It is a pity that you are locked up in a dogmatic medievalist mindset believing in a Shaman dead man whose flesh and blood you require to eat and drink like a cannibal and look down on Pagans who would be horrified at such savage systems that are plagiarised Greek and Egyptian myths.

    • I believe in what Swami Vivekananda said..

      The seed is put in the ground, and earth and air and water are placed around it. Does the seed become the earth, or the air, or the water? No. It becomes a plant, it develops after the law of its own growth, assimilates the air, the earth, and the water, converts them into plant substance, and grows into a plant. Similar is the case with religion. The Christian is not to become a Hindu or a Buddhist, nor a Hindu or a Buddhist to become a Christian. But each must assimilate the spirit of the others and yet preserve their individuality and grow according to their own law of growth………..

      India is Hindu nation.. what is wrong in teaching slokas…… people like you do not have any respect to your birth religion and abuse Hindu religion… How come one God is greater than Other God? God is god… it is up to individual to imagine in the way they want… Sai Baba is born muslim.. but we pray him… that is the greatness of Hindutva… At any cost all conversions should be banned…. otherwise all Christian countries especially Italy, Vatican, etc should allow Hindus to build many temples and teach Hinduism there…

  10. hindus are apathetic towards their own people. its high time now we get united against christians and muslims. this congi guv is unworthy corrupt and asshole nxt time elect narendra modi.

  11. make the idol narendra modi and worship him he will be the next hindu god in future.think what will happen to your soul after the way how to go to the truth.the option is bible.gita.quran find the truth which will lead you to heavean.

    • They may do all that and yet they cant beat christianity at superstitions- like having to eat human flesh of a son of man and cannibalism as the only ticket to heavan? When you obssess and fuzz about wooden sticks its the Only way-while others do it -its idolatry? Atleas our Modi idol deosnt burn people at stake for saying World is round and goes around the Sun. In the west no one believes anymore of that crap heavan through buildings called churches- but brown monkeys take that seriously.

  12. Indians like you and me are made to live as humans by christian missinories by the message of christ jesus.By 2050 lndia will be a christian country because human will understand who is the only god almight.happy to read the datas the growth of christ followers in lndia. You will become a christian before u die and see u in heaven.

    • Missionaries made you live? as ‘humans’? And thats why you feel India must become Christian by 2050? Missionaries invented nothing. They didnt discover anything useful or scientific.In fact missionary spirit burnt scientists at the stake. Missionary zombies believed world was flat and sun went around it going by that idiotic mythology book.So missionaries had sub-standard intelligence of church superstitions.They cant help anybody live as ‘humans’-only as zombies with bizzare ideas and imaginary friends.Forget about converting any country. Just ask missionaries to save christian countries first. Most Scandinavian nations declared 96% christian faith. Now its dropped to below 4%. The west is dumping christ psychosis.

  13. Few of my friend’s experiences with two top Christina educational institutions. They have been asked to convert to get a seat else pay huge sum of so called donation. Some of you believe it or not, but do visit and ask 10 non Christina admission seekers, you will find an answer from them.

  14. hoo..god. this is the most terrible thing i have read in my life .this is poison.this poison can kill many innocent people.the person who wrote this is either a pakistani or a very very strong hater of peaceful india .he wants people of india to fight for you are mistaken you son of a bitch .you will regret for this post ..ohh mother india please burn that man alive for 100 years so that he gets purified

    • “please burn that man alive for 100 years so that he gets purified”-you said it! Christ Psychosis. It loves to burn humans alive and watch it for the thrill and fun of it. Purified barbeque of humans. It calls this ‘Divine Love’. Just imagine! You as a little Christ psycho is infinitely merciful than your ‘Jelous Wrathful God”. He promises to roast alive those who dont believe his existence forever in Hell. Its the head. must get fixed that. Then you will see how inhuman church history was to native pagans all over the world. Will stop fancying roasting Scientists like only vatican and cannibals do. This is not to mention Cannibalism in that christ psychosis.Seems ‘hevan gets obtained by partaking christ flesh and drinking blood like draculas.yuch!

  15. dear writer, India does not belong to hindu muslims sikh christians etc ,but to the indians….locals who are originally from india ,they can be hindu christian sikh or else……secondly,will u plz answer how 36% muslims who were occupying govt posts in 1950s has come down to less than 2% today??? how can u overlook growing hindu fanatism ???media,police stations,govt offices are occupied by hindu devi devtas ??? so many temples with aggressive celeberations are common and quite hightened. plz do respond

    • You must answer how come 23% of Indian Muslims had carved out and obtained two Pakistans- which is 32% of United Indian land area. Then answer what happened to 30% Hindu minorities in that Muslim creation of Pakistans since 1947- today they are just 2% of Pakistan’s population. Lastly be grateful Muslim population were allowed to remain in India even after creating such Pakistans and ethnically cleansing the hindus. In fact while muslims trebled their numbers in post partition India where hindus were majority, in Muslim majority parts they were wiped out. Also you describe celebrations by hindus in temples as ‘aggressive’! Forgetting mosques blare five times a day in hindu majority areas and they tolerate that. Take note of your fanaticism and be grateful hindus mostly dont think like you-which is why even in hindu majority provinces like maharshtra muslims could become twice chief ministers. In Jammu Kashmir where muslims are just 52% -not even once a hindu has become a CM. The entire Pundit Hindu minority was expelled and properties seized and occupied. They are unbvale to return there. Islamists threaten if they try return! India belongs to all religions because hindus dont have your outlook. Otherwise hindus would have done what Islamic pakistan did to its minorities and is still doing.

  16. “Impossible also to find a non-elected, non French, non-Christian person being the absolute ruler of the country behind the scene as Sonia Gandhi is in India.”

    Nicolas Sarkozy, the son of a Hungarian Protestant, was the President of France when Gautier penned this xenophobic drivel. And no, at no time was Sonia Gandhi “the absolute ruler of the country behind the scene[sic]”. She may have been the Congress supremo, but at no time did she ever rule “absolutely” this country or any other. Gautier is a white version of the typical RSS rabble-rouser.

    • Before we show everyone who you are- the typical Hindu baiter-let us check your half truths and blatant lies
      According to Sarkozy, his staunchly Gaullist Grandfather was more of an influence on him than his father, whom he rarely saw. Sarkozy was raised Catholic
      That was what he declared to be as his faith- unlike Sonia Gandhi who declared she is Not a practicing Hindu.
      So your presentation of him as a “Protestant” was a lie or yopu is simply ignorant of these issues but typically talk with some arrogant air of knowing things better.
      Sarkosy is also Not a Foreigner or citizen of another country. He is also unlike Sonia Gandhi not a unelected leader dictating to any elected Presidsent. So hypothesizing a fact about Sonia Gandhi is another of your types’ rage at facts with plain lies and arguments with absurdities.
      To prove your point Sarkosy must be like Sonia Gandhi a self declared Non-Christian and of another Color such as Black and then be dictating things to an elected President and his cabinet by simply capturing the Party, None of this is the case. Sarkosy was always a Politician and not a ‘house wife’ foreigner who enters politics with just that merit of being a Prime Minister’s wife or husband.
      Lastly he isn’t ‘Hungarian either- you deliberately put that ‘half’ there- he is from a very wealthy French aristocratic family that had converted to Catholicism, his
      “ in some sources Nagy-Bócsay Sárközy Pál István Ernő),[9] a Protestant Hungarian aristocrat, and Andrée Jeanne “Dadu” Mallah (b. Paris, 12 October 1925), whose Greek Jewish father converted to Catholicism to marry Sarkozy’s French Catholicmaternal grandmother.[10][11] They were married in the Saint-François-de-Sales church, 17th arrondissement of Paris, on 8 February 1950 and divorced in 1959.
      So he was very much mainstream Catholic, and generations before- grandparents had converted to Catholicism and married in a catholic church.
      He also unlike Sonia Gandhi emphatically upheld France is indeed a Christian country when he went to Rome- “”the roots of France are essentially Christian” at a December 2007 speech in Rome”
      Have you ever heard Sonia Gandhi say Hinduism is the root of India? She actually invited the Poe to say India belongs to Christ!
      So you are a typical maleficent mind that doesn’t hesitate to tell half truths and lies to Hindus so that they believe there is no attempt to Christianize India or Islamize it.

      • I see you had absolutely nothing to say about the disgusting lie that Sonia Gandhi was “the absolute ruler of the country”. Do you people even know what “absolute ruler” implies?

        You try to defend your nonsense by claiming that I am employing “half truths and blatant lies”. And in support of that, you distort my remark that Sarkozy is the son of a Protestant Hungarian, by claiming that I said that Sarkozy is Hungarian and Protestant. That would be rather like you people claiming that Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi are Italian catholics, isn’t it? My bad, you people are actually claiming that. I didn’t say that Sarkozy is Hungarian, and I didn’t say he was Protestant. I said his father was, and oddly enough, the material you reference actually supports my remark. Anyhow, Sarkozy is descended from Hungarian, Greek, Protestant and Catholic forebears, in a staunchly Catholic country. If France was like India, he would have been hounded and called an Israeli agent, a communist and a heretic.

        And not content with distorting my factual remarks, you deploy outright discredited lies as well. For example, “She actually invited the Poe[sic] to say India belongs to Christ!”. That is an absolute lie, among the many tens of thousands of lies your despicable sangh spreads.

        As for Christianity being a demographic threat to India, little facts such as the declining percentage of Christians in the Indian population don’t matter, do they? Nor does the fact that Christian fertility is lower than either Muslim or Hindu fertility, to actually below replacement levels in some areas. “Christian threat” is a bogeyman for you sanghis, who have consistently shown an utter disdain for truth or the facts.

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