Islamist Malaysia faces Hindu intifada- Protest against novel with racial slur-‘Pariah’

In hinduism news, world that matters on February 27, 2011 at 6:09 pm

HRP’s Parody on the Racist Regime

HINDRAF protests Islamic Apartheid system of Malaysia

Hindraf the Hindu Human Rights activist movement made headlines when their gathering in Kula Lumpur was dispersed with police brutality years ago.

With the ongoing Civil Unrest all over Middle East and North Africa in Islamic countries, Malaysia might turn out to be the next stage setting for the serial drama of suppression of human rights.

Hindu ethnic minorities have been long denied educational and employment opportunities and the Islamization under Mahathir reached sinister proportions when thousands of Hindu temples were razed down by the regime.

That was a turning point in Malaysian politics when Indians irrespective of even religious differences, with even Christians joining under the umbrella of HINDRAF- the Malaysian Hindu Rights action forum.

The disenchantment with Malaysia’s Islamistaion and discrimination was so wide spread among Indian origin Malaysians that the Hindraf even upset the last election results unseating long entrenched Community leaders who were branded as traitors to their cause and interests.

Now then came the news of refusal of permission for a protest meeting at a time when regimes are convulsing with popular unrest in all the Muslim nations.
None of the regimes have been able to suppress without losing credibility and even losing hold of control, the latest being Libya and Bahrain.

Unlike the Arab street protesters who have no dearth for torch bearers and cheer leaders among the media and opinion makers, the plight and news of Hindu minorities reeling under the oppression of Islamisation in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Malaysia are selectively blacked out and under reported, if not distorted as communalists.

The anti-Hinduism has thus assumed the same connotation as anti Semitism.


The protest is about introduction of a novel that spits out venomous racial slurs with terms such as ‘pariah’ meaning an ‘Outcaste’ referring the Tamil Hindus which the Hindu community seriously feels offensive.

The Malaysian Indian Congress too had seriously objected to the Curriculum including a blatantly offensive racist novel as literature for students.

The Hindraf web site had published pictures of the crackdown while demonstrators attempted to proceed toward Twin towers of PETRONAS buildings, to hold a Protest meet against the ongoing discrimination and suppression of Islamist Malaysia.

Around 50 demonstrators broke through the barricade and gathered at a temple at Kula Lampur and demonstrated holding placards and shouted-

“Ban interlock”

“Don’t insult the Indian community”

Their leader jayathas had stated to AP-

“We want a stop to racism against minority citizens, especially the Indian poor, and a ban on Interlok, which is sowing the seeds of racism in schoolchildren. We are not asking for special rights but equal opportunity,”

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